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CND Effects review

I recieved some samples from CND for review:
Inkwell-A deep blackened Blue creme
Silver chrome- Metallic silver
Effects copper shimmer-Sheer Milky white with tons of copper shimmer
Super Matte top coat

I decided to get a little creative.
I did 2 coats of Inkwell
sponged Silver chrome at the free edge
1 coat of Effects Copper shimmer
1 coat of Effects Scarlet shimmer (I already had this)

I love how it gave it a purple tone

Here you can see the copper shimmer

Inkwell applied like a dream, opaque in two very thin coats and the CND brush is my new girlfriend!
Their brush is The bees knees, not too wide but wider than your standard brush, flat and just the right shape to give an excellent and easy application.
Silver Chrome is opaque in one coat, not streaky like most metallics and super sparkly.
The effects shimmers are fabulous, they do not dull or cover the color beneath but add amazing shimmer and that lit within look.
Super Matte top coat is not like your traditional matte top coat. It does not give the flat matte feel like most but it does add an interesting matte like apearance. I have to play with it more.

Now I want the rest of the effects and more CND colors! Did I mention that their brush is perfection?


  1. That's so pretty! I love how the silver one looks sponged, reminds me of my car windows this morning :D I think I need some CND polishes and effects...

  2. I love the silver tips, looks great with the purple. This would be an awesome new years mani!

  3. That looks so cool!

  4. It's great to see you stopped hiding. =) Your nails look great as always, I love the colors...but just one at a time, please. ;))

  5. Wow that looks gorgeous! I love how you painted that!

  6. Wow, you have some long nails! <3

  7. That is hottt girlie! I need to play with my effects I have> I keep forgetting I have them cause I always forget abt layering things

  8. This manicure is amazing!!! I love the way it turned out!

  9. What a beautiful manicure. I really like how the effects are on the nail. I just don't want to spend more money on some sheer colors.

  10. Phyrra- Thank You hun!

    S- I thought it looked frosty too!

    Anna- great idea!

    Deb- Thank you!

    Sasha- It was major indecision so I just went with everything! lol

    Aurora- Thank you!

    Thess- Yes they are pretty long, Thank You!

    Ange- Effects are awesome!

    Kelsealaurel- Thanks lovie!

    Gildedangel- Thank You! :)

    Lucy- I totaly understand. I love layering, it's my cure for bordome or a mani I don't love.

  11. OMGOMGOMG Must Get Copper NOW!!! I love it and copper is totally my thing!!

  12. Very pretty! Maybe the Silver chrome is a bit too much, but just a bit. ;) I need some CNDs!!!

  13. This is a great looking mani! I love it, it looks stunning!

  14. OMGOMGOMG Must Get Copper NOW!!! I love it and copper is totally my thing!!


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