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Halloween bling and cosmetic recipe

I have to share this lovely Franken from the amazingly talented wixbetty of Wixology blog.
She made me this blingy Halloween glitter a couple of months ago and have been dying to try it.
It's a clear base with a ton of orange glitter and two sizes of silvery lilac hex glitter.

I love this! Thank You wixbetty!

Now for some DIY fun!
This is a recipe for a cosmetic fixative (aka mixing medium).
I suppose I could package and sell this but I think that is just greedy and bad buisness, so instead
I want to share it with my Lovies.
This can be used in so many ways: as a spray to give the dewy look,
as a mixing medium to foil your eye shadow, misted on your makeup brush to help your eye shadow
"stick" better, or as an after shower light moisture.

You will need:
A small 4oz spray or squirty bottle
measuring spoons
a funnel if you are at all clumsy(me)
Distilled water
Glycerine (you can get this at any drug store, Walmart, target etc.)
Vitamin E

in your bottle mix 3 Tablespoons Glycerin to 6 Tablespoons Distilled water
add 1/8 teaspoon Vitamin E
Close, shake and you are set!
You can use rose water if you like, I do not as I find it to be a little oily and can cause smearing.

See why I think it's crappy to package and sell this?
It costs less than $1 to make a 4oz bottle and companies charge between $8 and $30 for this.

Good Lovies! xoxox


  1. Your nails are beyond fabulous!! I love the lilac glitter in them, such a nice mix!

    Thanks for the recipe! I'm way too lazy to make my own (it's so true) but I've been in love with the Exposed Organics nectar lately. It has some sort of inorganic preservatives in it, but no parabens so its okay! You are so smart and creative XD

    Oh, and I normally use the macro setting on my camera, but if I turn off the flash I never get a clear picture, what the fuck? Stupid walmart camera!

  2. Thank you for the recipe! That polish looks awesome!

  3. Your nails looks so festive!

    Thanks for the recipe. I can't believe MAC sells this stuff for a high price (only through their Pro store too boot).

  4. I still love this polish just as much this evening as I did earlier today! Lovely!

    Thanks for the info on the recipe, I'll be using it for foiling or making the shadow stick since most of my stuff is loose mineral powders, yay!

    Thank you.

  5. You are a true friend and sweetie for giving us that receipe! I have to remember to make this for the future. I have a stupid bottle of MAC to use up. Your nails look amazing. What a beautiful franken. Love it.

  6. As I already told you on MUA, this nail polish rocks on your long, beautiful nails. It's also really nice of you to share your recipe. Not a lot of people would do that. :)

  7. Your nails look amazing! I absolutely love them.

    Thanks for the recipe. I will definitely be making some up.


  8. Goodness Gracious I just LOVE your nails!
    I so wish mine would look like that. Even with acrylic I can't get mine that perfect!

    That polish is GORGEOUS! and thanks for the recipe! so sweet of you to share!

  9. Thanks! I will give that a try! Oh and I love the nails! Amazing glitter!!!!

  10. I adore this franken, it is so bling-y!

    Thank you so much for the recipe. That is something I have been needing and looking for but at a price that won't kill me.

    You rock my socks!

  11. Love your nails!! Perfect for Halloween. :)

    I have been making this mixing medium for a few years now, and just want to say that it is so great - THANKS for sharing with everyone, because it is not fair to consumers when companies charge up to 30 bucks for this! Everyone should know how to make and use this themselves :) I also make my own brush cleaner so I don't have to pay huge prices for that, either.

  12. I can't wait to make this! :)

    Have I told you lately that I love your nails!

    *singing rod stewart* Have I told you, lately, that I love you... LOL!

  13. this orange glittery thing you got goin on is my fave so far!!!

  14. Hey Evil Angel-
    You ROCK this polish! (Did the hubby decide to share, after all?)=D

    Thanks for showcasing my lil' creations on your awesome nails- my nubbins wouldn't do them justice!
    <3 wixbetty

  15. Oh, and by the way, I just made up a mini batch of your sealant recipe- can't wait to try it out!
    Thanks for sharing, doll! =D


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