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A sad Konad attempt and a fun eye look

Hello my lovies! Sorry I'm so late to post today.
I was feeling a little goofy today and so I played with my new Konad goodies from wowsocool.
I wanted to do a cool fishnet french mani but as you know my nails are a little on the long side and the full nail images are far from long enough so creative design came into play. I need to work on my placement and practice a bit but all in all I like it!

I used OPI I'm Not really a waitress as my base color. Plate m57 with Special polish in silver for the fishnet and WnW black for the lace and freehanded tips.
Not bad for a first try.

Now I started plating with eye shadow this evening....cuz well that's what I do!

Ummmm...someone had a little bit of a shaky hand after way too much coffee!

Oh looky there's mu nose....I love my nose! Oh incase you hadn't figured it out...I'm a little weird!

I love my Full 'n soft mascara

Deep set eyes kind of suck because when you open your eye your eye shadow disapears! :(

Yeah I'm not wearing ANY makeup except for my eyes so pardon the rest of my face.

Here is what I used:
MAC Parfait Amour on lid
Evil Shades Abyss on Crease and just above
Evil Shades Devils Bonfire to highlight the web and add sparklies
Silver glitter for inner corner
Palladio Liquid liner in Black on upper lash line and to draw the web.
Urban Decay 24/7 in Lust on lower lash line
Maybelline Full 'n Soft Mascara in Black

So now you know that I love fishnet and spiderwebs and crazy things happen when I get bored and drink too much coffee!

P.S. I still hate MAC this e/s blows it took forever to build any color and the pigmentation is far below the quality of many less expensive brands. I only keep this one because it was a gift. This is not a ploy to sell my Evil Shades. Seriously E.L.F. has better pigmentation than a lot of MAC e/ yourself some money and get HIP or Rimmel or any of a ton of small cosmetic companies that don't over charge you for a label!
Sorry, end Rant!


  1. The konad looks great!

    The makeup is super fun! I've never quite got the Mac craze, hm I"m good with cheap stuff thanks.

  2. Thanks Jessica!

    I have had many MAC eye shadows/piggies and so far for the price I am very underimpressed! NYX has just as good of pigments, thought the packaging sucks. It's all about hype!

  3. The mani looks great, I love it! I also love the spider web eyes, very cool!

  4. You are so talented :) Fishnet konad is the hardest stamp in my opinion!! Great job.

    The web is really neat too! :)

  5. Some of the MAC shades are hit and miss. I have Parfait Amour and I can't remember if it's that one or Creme de Violet that's a PITA with pgiment.

    I LOVE the spider web design :)

  6. Ooh baby girl, that is HOT!! I love Abyss, its such a great color.

    I totally agree with you about MAC *ducks before someone throws a shoe* I know that some of the products are nice, and some can be pigmented, but DUH I can get nice and pigmented makeup from a SMALL company that actually deserves my money!! Arg!!

    By the way, (was thinking of you earlier haha creepy, right?) when do you think you'll come out with more colors? Mama needs a silvery light blue purple and thinks you would make a perfect one (sort of banshee/silver bullet/abyss combo? perhaps?)


  7. Awesome creative mani.
    This is funny, how different we all .I usually able to stamp 2 or 3 nails with one pattern picked up, this is how small are mine

  8. Your nails turned out beautiful..
    Love the eyes!

  9. LisaKate- it's not at all creepy, I think about you guys all the time....oh so and so would love this or this would look perfect on so and so.
    Let me do a little playing around today and see if I can come up with your color

  10. The Konad is not a fail at all. I think it looks awesome. I envy your ability to do the spiderweb. I'm afraid I would end up looking like King Diamond if I were to try it!

  11. I would pay to see you as King Diamond!
    Ummm speaking of creepy...How did you know what I'm listening to?

  12. I like both your Konad and the eye look. I know what you mean about deep set eyes. I have the same problem. I think mine may be more deep set than yours. My brow partially obscures my lid when I close my eyes.
    LOL...I was listening to King Diamond two nights ago.

  13. Look at you go with your Konad! It's a great design! Love your make-up too.

  14. Thanks Cindy! I will master this Konad yet! I guess I should've done spiders to go with my makeup but you know me, I'm all about the trashy fishnets and all! :)

  15. I love the black Frenchie and the flower design you used to fill up some of the space on your extra long nails. I love the fishnet design. I think it's one of the sexiest Konad designs. Your nails look crazy sexy and I think they're really amazing! Love the spider web design. I've fallen for MAC in a big way. I've been ordering from them for about a year. I went really crazy at first. I've slowed down alot and just ordered a couple of things from the Holiday collection.

  16. I love your nail art, uber gothy! :D
    The spider web eye look is greatness and the way you added shadow to it, it reminds me of when it's raining and the droplets form an amazing ray of iridescence, love it. x


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