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Sunday Review: Days Long Gone Steampunk jewelry

Can you see me bouncing in my chair? I am so excited about showing
this Artist to you! Gwynne of Days Long Gone creates the most interesting, unusual and gorgeous jewelry!

Here is a little interview with the lovely Gwynne:

EA: Tell us a little about your jewelry?

Gwynne: I specialize in steampunk , gothic, medieval, and Victorian jewelry by recycling mostly vintage materials and found objects to create jewelry that you might find in days long gone. Escutcheon keyhole plates, watch and pocket watch movements or parts, gears, skeleton or clock keys, buttons, optical lenses, filigrees, chains, and charms will be found in my jewelry.

EA: What is your muse when creating a piece?

Gwynne: My inspiration comes from the wonderful things I find when I am searching for unique objects. Also, being part of an artist community inspires me. The feedback my customers leave verifies that they do love the materials and designs I use to create my jewelry.

Days long gone is located in Scottsdale, Arizona USA

       You can check her out, and I highly recommend you do, at her etsy store Days Long Gone.
This first piece is called: steampunk wing locket

This is a functioning vintage locket with a beautiful Angel wing and watch movement.
I cannot express how beautiful this truly is!

The second piece is a vintage look black flower ring. Oh can you say Love?!

I adore this ring! This is the most beautiful and uniquely insane ring I have witnessed! Ummm…does it show that I like it? I am swooning over this ring!

Pardon my drool! Can you marry a piece of jewelry?

I thank you Gwynne for allowing me to do this review and I look forward to more of your creations!


  1. Sorry, I have to replace my keyboard. This one is soaked.

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous work! thanks for featuring this artist!!

  3. Her pieces are so beautiful! She's been on my etsy faves for awhile now! That ring is to die for!

  4. Oooo that ring! I can so understand why you'd want to marry it. x

  5. I can't believe that I am just now finding Gwynne! Shame on me for not hunting her down sooner!

  6. that locket is just simply gorgeous!


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