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I have been Awarded The "You make me smile Award"

Nihrida from Nihrida's blog awarded me with the..

Thank You Lovie, You always make me smile!
The rules are that I have to post a Song that makes me smile and
Award the blogs that make me smile and why they make me smile.
There is no limit on tags but I'm going with Five.

First the song.
Most of the music that I listen to is rather Morbid so I suppose some will not understand how this makes me smile. I suppose it's just a matter of perspective and mine is a bit odd. :) But Glenn Danzig always makes me smile! I love the Evil Elvis, his voice, depraved lyrics and it doesn't hurt that he never wears a shirt! lol




I am awarding the Following Blogs in no particular order:
Jessica of Jesserka's blog - Jessica is an absolute sweetheart, I just love her to pieces and she is a huge Coheed and Cambria fan which also makes me smile!

Siobhan of The Nail Phile- Siobhan is a great lady. She stands up for herself and other's no matter what other's might think! She is one Rockin' Lady and she definatly makes me smile! She is also a major Lemming causer but I lover her anyways! :)

Powerliftchick of Kronicles of a Konader - She's beautiful, funny, has awesome Konadicures and she could power lift me. What's not to love?

Lisa of Glammed up - Lisa is My Idol, she's a Hot Punk chica that is over 40 and hot as hell, She's got fabulous tips and She doesn't apologise for being her! Lisa You are Wicked cool!

Lamb Chops Mobile- (I'm sorry love I don't know your name) She is a total Metal Head which immediately makes me smile, she has a fun blog with great mani's and she is too sweet!

I also tag all of my readers who comment, You All make me smile and that is why you are my Lovies!!!


  1. Danzig!! Nice! :) I was excited to see what song you'd pick! :)

  2. It's always hard for me to pick "favorite" songs, but for some reason Halloween and Danzig just go hand in hand for me!

  3. Thank you! You are pretty dang sweet yourself. And I will love forever anyone who posts some Danzig. We saw him last Novemember with Dimmu Borgir and Moonspell. It was amazing.
    Thanks, hon!

  4. OH no you got to see Dimmu Borgir before the break up.....that is so not fair!

    I've seen Danzig about 10 times from back with the Misfits and up, can't get enough!

  5. Muahahaha...Dimmu Borgir signed my ''upper money makers''. I win! :) Danzig rocks!

  6. Hey now that is so not fair...I never got to sign your upper money makers! jk


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