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Goth Gorgeous Plus size clothes Review

WinterLights is a fabulous Etsy store with you got it,
 Hot Vampy Plus size customdesigned clothing!
Each piece is made by the oh so talented Haylee.

Being a curvy girl myself I have to say that when I find
 non Granny clothes in real sizesI tend to get pretty excited!
But these are extrordinary pieces! Haylee truly puts her heart into to her work and I for one thank her from the bottom of my chubby, vampy little heart!

Bonus, WinterLights is having Sales all month in celebration of Halloween!

On to the pretties! First up is my personal favorite:

This is The Vampira Corset top- Red sexy lace front panel (can you say slimming) with Black stretch velvet fabric, Hook and eye closure and side lacing! Now the coolest part, is that this is custom so you have options. You want mesh instead of lace? Haylee says hell yes I can do it, you discuss with her what you want and she rocks it out in your style! This is so beautiful, I think I died a little!

Next is the sexy and daring The Spanish Rose Bustle Back Skirt!
I think this is sweet, picture it with a red satin husband would follow me anywhere!

A classic pencil skirt style made of soft, curve hugging spandex and adorned with red lace!
This is so gorgeous and I personally thank you Miss Haylee for making a plus size pencil skirt!

Last but far from least is the Old Romance - Satin Capelet.
This is perfection and beyond versatile!

I am thinking of wearing it just like the manniquin...I'm kidding....maybe!
This is made from Gothic style swirled satin fabric and trimmed in lovely black lace!
Such a lovely little shroud. Wear it over your corset top or to Vamp up any outfit.

Seriously, if you are a curvy girl you have to go check out WinterLights!
Haylee has captured the esscense of sexy curves with a Vamped out Style!
Now I must go back and finish my shopping...I want one of each..oh and two of those.....


  1. cute stuff! i really love that skirt! now we need to find somebody who'll make something that will fit me - because of my chron's disease i'm usually weighing right around or right under 100 lbs and it's really tough to find clothes. :( if i could get a skirt like that in my size, i might actually look like i got some bootie goin' on! lol

    loving your blog! glad we "met"!

  2. She makes the cutest clothes.I loved the Violet Princess Dress.

  3. Diane- You PM Haylee I'd bet my big ol' butt that she could make you a got boot skirt!

  4. Love everything! I'm most thrilled by the Dracula necklace. He's my favorite horror character. Plus she has a King Kong zippered bag. My girlfriend is insane over Kong. Thanks!

  5. Lucy you have great taste, I love Dracula too!

  6. Haylee makes adorable clothes! :) What a great feature!


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