All the Beautiful people

Zombies, Voodoo, blood and badges!

I am loving my Konad plates and had to play with m13 again.
So this is one coat of wet n wil black with one coat of Sally Hansen no name green mini and for the images I used Konad special polish in Silver!

Zombies and Voodoo dolls make me happy!

Isn't she pretty!

Don't you want to just squeeze Voodoo doll?!

And my bloody Skull! :)

Now I have to share my excitement....
Evil Shades Cosmetics was awarded our Mineral Makeup Mutiny Badge!
Woohoo, happy mosh pit! Seriously I am so proud to be a part of MMM and for my Cosmetic company to carry the badge is just, well beyond exciting for me.
For more info on Mineral Makeup Mutiny you can click on the MMM banner on my sidebar or the badge below!


  1. Congrats!!

    Love the bloody skull XD

  2. congrats on being badged!! and i love the bloody skull!!

  3. Love this green shade. It reminds me of my Stargazer 138. And this IP is so cool. I don't know why I haven't bought it yet. Congrats on your badge! You deserve it, 'cause you make amazing makeup. :)

  4. The Konad ROCKS! That blood placement is spot on perfect! your a pro already and you just got it!!!

    I am SOOO HAPPPY for you! Congrats big time! Doing the happy dance!
    You deserve to be recognized for your awesome mad scientist skillz!

    (Why is it that every time i read, speak or type 'skills' I automatically think of Napoleon Dynamite? I think it's a mental illness!)

  5. Great nails! And yay! Youve got your badge now! Woohoo!

  6. Thank You all!
    Yesterday was so busy and crazy I haven't had a chance to breath.

  7. You are just brilliant. Oh, and have I told you that I *heart* you? I totally do!

  8. Love that manicure. Zombies are excellent. Congrats on the badge. I've never seen it before so I'll have to look it up.

  9. SO cool :D And the colour combo is great :D


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