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Badmouthing about advertising & giveaways with Bloggers

Some people are posting some nasty things about bloggers that do reviews and sponsored giveaways.

My first reaction is/was jealousy is such and unattractive trait!
However, here is my full thought on this. I cannot speak for all Bloggers but from knowing some of the other bloggers as well as myself. I do not get paid in any form for a review. I do not always recieve a free sample product (often I purchase myself). My reviews are and will always be honest and brutally so as I am the worst lier on the planet (ask my husband) but I an a wiz at honesty, even if it is not positive.
I will only advertise a product that I feel is worthy and usefull to MY readers. (you'll never see a review on adult diapers from me....well maybe in 40 years.)

I support small buisness and I truly believe that blog advertising is a great way for small companies to get the word out on their products. A giveaway is probably the cheapest form of advertising that there is. If a company does not advertise how will anyone know that they exsist? MAC spends insane amounts on advertising and EVERYONE knows about them, even those who do not use their products have at least heard of them.

So to those who say that Bloggers just sit around collecting free stuff for reviews....
How do I put this nicely? Oh that's right this is my blog, I don't have to be nice :)
Piss off you whiney little crybabies! Blogging is a lot of work for no pay and if I want to help a company get themself out there on my blog I'm going to. If they want to do a giveaway for my Lovies...ummm hell yeah I'm going to do it! If you don't like it...ummm yeah I don't really care. Don't read my blog or don't purchase the product! But to sit aroung bitching about it is just proof that you have nothing better to do with your time and that you are a petty little bratt!

So my rant is over and I feel much better!
I will post something pretty later to make up for my open vent later!

Hugs for my Lovies!!!
I suppose now you understand where my nickname "Evil Angel" came from. LOL


  1. Preach it Sista!
    :::hands you soapbox:::

    LOV IT!
    i agree 100%

  2. I agree!
    Blogging takes time, and those who give their time should be compensated in some way.
    Having said that, there are some bloggers who have thrown honesty out the window.
    I just recently purged some blogs from my roll because I ceased to hear the "ring of truth".

  3. I totally agree with you on supporting small businesses!
    Most of my favorite mineral makeup companies are small and run by women (Aromaleigh, Meow, DreamWorld, Glamour Doll Eyes, Beautiful Girl, etc).
    I love to get the word out about them, as well as companies like Cleanse Your Soul.

    I need to try your prods!

    I'm very glad to know your stance and feel like I'm not alone :)

  4. Oh, you were too soft! :D

    People bitch about it because they are unlucky in love and in game! Muahahah!

  5. I just placed an order :)
    One thing that would be really helpful is if you had shade descriptions up for the nail polish and eye shadows, like you do for the lip gloss.

  6. I hope this wasn't directed towards me! I hope I wasn't bitching!

    Basically, my whole stance on this is that whether I not I pay for an item, I will be honest about it. There are too many people who get free stuff and review it good just cause they feel they have to! I think I said the other day that I started my blog mainly because I got sick of the bullsh*t (haha censorship!).

    I think its really important to support small businesses and I personally don't mind paying the $9 to try your samples XD You give such a GREAT amount too, it's really worth a lot more than that!

    Anyhoo, I'm pretty much 'over' this crap by now. I think each reader needs to sort out the truth from the crap themselves :D

  7. Well said! I've never even received free product, must less $$$!

  8. No Lisa Kate this was not directed at you, love!

    Phyrra, thank you I am always afraid that my description is biased. But I will do my best to add descriptions. :)

  9. No problem :)
    I always think descriptions, even short ones, really helpful!
    They let me know if I'm correctly interpreting the pictures that I see.

  10. It is a shame that some people have nothing more in their lives to do than bitch about other people having fun. I'm a new reviewer and I LOVE IT. Yes, I do get product free and I do giveaways. While yes, this is beneficial to me, it is beneficial to the company that I am getting their name out there.

    And as stated, doing reviews and writing blogs do take time. I look at the product I am reviewing as compensation. If a company doesn't want to provide anything for a giveaway, that's fine! I'm not going to turn them away for getting noticed. I'm honest as well, and when people do blogs and don't provide an honest review, that's not helping anyone.

    Very good post!

  11. I love it! What a great and honest post. I have bought things from companies that I have seen on a review. I have never received money for a review. I do love reading others reviews.

  12. Exctaly why I do reviews!
    I mean seriously does anyone think that a small buisness can afford a $10,000 marketing campain? Blogs are good place for them, Myself included, to get our name our there and our products known.
    As a small buisness owner myself I am happy to put up a few products for a giveaway and for a review and no I do not expect anything more than honesty in that review. If they don't like my products then say so. I need that feedback to improve. If you love them then Hell yeah yell it from the roof tops. I want people to know that I'm here! Duh!

    I swear that I will never give a false review for any product no matter what! I cannot be bought!

  13. Got that you stu*id brats?!

    That's how it needs to be done... :))) Muahahahaha

    You go, girl! ((hugs))

  14. Agreed. HOWEVER, as Lisa kate said, I hate the idea that some bloggers rave about so-so products because they're getting them free or they get compensated for advertising a certain product. I once made an order with a company and I e-mailed with the owner of the said company. I told her up front that I was going to try out her stuff and review it on my blog. The owner then went on to suggest a deal with me that if my readers made orders from that company, I would get compensated for it. And I hadn't even received my order at that point!
    I always pay for my orders. Sometimes I get free samples, sometimes I don't. That doesn't affect my reviews because like you, I'm painfully honest *lol*

    I think overall people have very strange views on blogging, like that some make millions and are invited to every VIP party there is. A Swedish fashion blogger had claimed that she was making thousands of dollars a month by blogging. Some journalist then discovered that she had maid that up to get more attention and readers, and that she made some profit but only a couple of hundreds in a month.

  15. LMAO.... here is my blogger pay check $0.00 - my time - picture editing -review time -hugs for my readers = no money but a very happy me!

    If someone makes money blogging I am impressed and a little freaked out.

  16. A-freaking-men. I've actually made some cash from running ad space on my blog, and I hate when people act like I'm a sell-out for it. I'm a stay-at-home mom with three kids, one who's got special needs (and who's hubby works about 70 hours a week to allow me to stay home with them). If I can bring in some cash or even get someone to send me free stuff that the family can use? Heck yeah, I'm going to take it!

  17. I hate the way bloggers have been singled out lately. If people want to criticize media outlets for selling out, they should open a copy of any beauty magazine for an example. You never really see a beauty mag write a scathing review about a product, and the products they rave about always seem to be from companies that advertise a lot in their pages.
    For what it's worth, I don't get anything free. I don't get paid either. All of the products I talk about are ones that I bought myself. If I do a giveaway anytime soon, I will have to buy the giveaway item. I don't mind. I blog for the enjoyment of writing, not to make money or get free stuff.

  18. I think that it's all about people being whiney because they don't understand the responsibility of reviewing a product in an honest manner. There is some delusion that companies send free items and the blogger just writes some bs oh this is great buy it blah blah.
    Well some might do just that but most of us are honest and are only willing to help advertise products that we believe in.

    ITA...go bitch at your favorite fashion magazine about getting huge free swag bags from companies that do pay them for ad space and review placement. Leave the hard working bloggers alone!


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