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WowSoCool Konad review and Discount code

Hello Lovies,

I am so excited to do this review on wowsocool!
I ordered a few plates and some of the Special polishes.
First I have to say that Jessica at WowSoCool is very helpful and did not get annoyed at my never ending questions, such great customer service!
Second My package came very fast and well packaged, which is a big deal to me because I am terribly impatient and get pissed if my goodies come broken or in less than great shape.
Now I give you fair warning that I am a Konad newbie. I have a couple of fauxnad plates that I've played with a couple of times but I am totally new to this.
Konad plates work sooooooooo much better than fauxnad and hot topic stamp plates! I need to work on my placement and all because I have VERY narrow nail beds and my nb's are very curved and I have a strong dragon lady curve to my nail which complicates placement a tiny bit.
Enough blabbering. I did these over my very badly in need of being redone manicure of Liquid Euphoria Bliss. I used plate m13 (the wicked cool Halloween plate) with Special polish in Silver so it would show easily.

Plate image picture is from wowsocool
As always click any picture to make it gianormous (You have figured out that I can't spell right? ^__^)

I just love the little knife with the bling star!

Googly skull

Zombie Girl (She's my new BFF)

Voodoo doll complete with his own mini me voodoo baby!
I did not do a close up of the blood drips because I totaly f*cked it up taking pictures since I did not put top coat over these. (Changing polish later)
I LOooooooooooovvvvvvveeeee this plate and I will be using it year round! What says I love you more than a Zombie Valentine mani? And Blood drips are an everyday useful item! hehe
I am officially a Konaddict!

Now the really awesome part:
The sweet and lovely Jessica from WowSoCool
Has set up an amazing discount code for my Lovies!
 30% off of everything except the build your own kit (which is already ridiculously discounted).
 The code is EvilAngel (so you can think of me while you buy your own Zombie girl) also you'll get Free Shipping on all orders over $20 in the US and Canada!

Thank You Jessica for your help with my order and general craziness!


  1. Yay! Ill use your code when I order my Halloween plates.

  2. Yay then we can do matching Zombie mani's!!!

  3. Aww! I've been dying to try these for awhile now. My only problem is that I have REALLY small little kid sized hands. The OPI big brush can paint my nail in one swoop. Do you think these are too big for my nail beds? I really want to use them, but am poor and don't wanna spend money on things that are too bad for my nails!!

    Love you!!

  4. LisaKate- I just tested it on my 8 year old Daughter who has small nail beds and is a biter and I fit Zombie girl on her and the skull. So yes they should work on you just fine!

  5. Aw you are too sweet! Haha I bet your daughter loved that XD I really love the bows and flowers one...well, theres like 5 of those, but its one of the first few! I can't wait to order!!

  6. cute! i like the dripping blood!

  7. I sooooo wanna get this plate. The knife has to be my fave hands down!!

  8. What did you use for your base color? the Dragon ?

  9. Those look fab! I especially love the dripping one. ;) x

  10. uuuuhhhh did i take crazy pills this morning or does this color look like clarins 230?? i MUST HAVE IT!!!

  11. No you did not take crazy pills. Liquid Euphoria-Bliss does look like Clarins 230 but it was around way before and it is much harder to find.

  12. o.m.g. w.t.f. i was so happy for a minute i thought my brain was going to explode. bummer, but congrats to you on having such a beautiful polish!! LUCKY!!! :)

  13. Love the Halloween knife! That is such a "Kool Konad" !!
    Isn't Konad-ing fun?!


  14. Girl! I LOVE that plate. Unfortunately I have the dumb when it comes to Konad and I'm GOING to learn how to do it before Halloween if it kills me. Hahaha. You did a great job with the real thing!
    Congrats on having a code, how sweet!

  15. E.A. I was just looking at buying a few fauxnads... I have about 10 konads but they get expensive, whaqt is the big difference in them

    thanks a bunch

  16. 'Toya- The fauxnad images don't transfer nearly as well or as easily as Konad. I think the engravings are shallower on fauxnad and the details tend to be either too small to transfer properly or they are lacking indetail.

  17. I also love this plate. I have to go visit WowSoCool. I have a small set and have never tried it. Dripping blood look awesome. You've done a terrific job. I love all those images.


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