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Orly Summer 2010 Sweet Collection Swatches

I just recieved part of the Orly Summer Collection.
Orly for some reson only send part of the collection for review? Why Orly? Why?
The Sweet collection is 6 Shades 5 pastel cremes and a candy red shimmer and each comes with a coordinating mini gloss charm.

Lollipop is a pastel creme lilac
Lemonade* is a pastel cool yellow creme
Pixy Stix is a Medium red shimmer
Gumdrop* is a pastel blue based green creme
Cotton Candy is a warm toned pastel pink creme
Snowcone* is a dark pastel blue creme
(* denotes the ones I recieved)

The lip glosses are shimmer in a base coordinating with the polish except for Snowcone which the gloss is purple. They smell fabulous and coordinate in scent with the name of the polish but are unsweetened so licking your lips is useless. :(

Gumdrop is slightly mint in color but more blue based.
2 coats to smooth creamy opaque! Great application!

Snowcone is an unusual color. It is pastel but not pale like most pastels.
Love this color!
Snowcone is also 2 coats very smooth application!

Lemonade is yummy!
We all know that yellows are terrible as far as application, but Lemonade was better than most I've tried. Nice creamy consistancy, only slightly streaky and 3 coats to opaque!
I had hoped that this would be the yellow that I could wear since it is cooler than most yellows but no such luck.
My skin actually warmed up the color so I had to use 2 100watt lights to get color accurate pictures.
I would bet that most people could wear this, however if you are of Native American heritage I doubt it will do any better on you than me. Stupid odd skin tone!

I'm gonna wear it today anyways! Even if it looks like I haven't washed my hands in a month! :p

This is what my skin tone does to the color. It is NOT a warm yellow, I swear. My coloring is just very strange and completely uglified the beautiful cool pastel yellow.


  1. GAHHHHH! OMG! LEMONADE! *runs in circles and faints*

  2. Great swatches!I like them all.
    They are a must with the mini lipglosses!, do you know when they are going to be at my sally's ^_^?
    Do I have to dress now and run?

  3. I think Lemonade looks great on you! The lip glosses are cute but they seem kind of useless haha. Anyway great swatches, as always!

  4. I like these a lot! I need that yellow and to see the rest of the damn collection. F%&^#@$ Orly!

  5. Ange- Wake up and smell the lemon gloss! lol

    Arie- You can relax, they won't be out until March or April.

    Aurora- The glosses are cute but not my cup of tea.

    Arrianne- I want to see the rest too! Ange-Marie has cotton candy I'm sure she'll swatch it soon!

  6. I absolutely love them all. I feel like Orly has really made interesting collections lately, before I felt like their collections weren't that special

  7. Gum drop is way pretty. I need it.

  8. Why don't they send out whole collection for review. I hate to see part of the collection here and part there. You can't really tell what the colors are like...Mah...

    I love mint and blue one. I don't care too much for the yellow one. =)

  9. Evil- Did you get a release officially? I've been told March and April. I'd guess March is most accurate.

  10. Very pretty!

    They all look great on you! :)

  11. Lovely colours. And coordinating lipgloss is just so tempting

  12. Very nice! Unfortunately like you they will look weird on my skin tone. But I like the cool paleness of them.

  13. Beautiful! And I'm so jealous! I would love to get new collections to post on my blog.

  14. The colors really live up to their summer treat names. They look yummy! I don't normally pay attention to Orly's collections, but they've put out some nice colors lately.

  15. Wow! Gumdrop and Snowcone look wonderful on you!
    My favorite of these 3 is Snowcone- so yummy!

    Yellows never look good on me- that said, based on what I've seen of this collection so far, I would give that yellow a shot if it were available in the mini size.

  16. S- ITA, Orly has really come out from under Grannies rocker and showed that they can make beautiful polish!

    moodpuppet- Gumdrop is a great green.

    Sasha- I know it makes no sense at all.

    Ange- Not official just what I've heard so no telling.

    Zaz- I'm just excited that you popped in on my blog!

    *** For those who don't know Zazou is my nail idol! She gives me droolies!

    CucumPear- I love the little glosses!

    Danielle- I wish yellow was my color.

    Kirsten- I know it's so much harder for you ladies outside the US to get previews. hugs!

    Deb- Orly has really stepped up!

    Lisa- Snowcone is my favorite of the three also. I really want to see the rest of the collection.

  17. Oooh Snowcone is pretty! It looks exactly like the forget-me-nots we used to have on our balcony when I was little *_*

    And don't be too harsh with yourself about your skintone, Lemonade looks fab on you! I bet you could totally rock all kinds of yellow, also warm ones like it seems to be in the last pic *hugs*

  18. Oh Orly, that wasn't cool only sending half! We want to see them all on these gorgeous nails! I want the whole collection. I especially love the mint. I think the yellow looks fine on you but then I'm not in person with you. I have a yellowish green that I like but it makes me look sick. You deserve to have this whole collection so I can really get a good look at the colors. The lipgloss I will skip. I have about a million too many now!

  19. i am beginning to truly lust after these..haha...

  20. Oh my dear sweet lord! That blue one! =O

  21. Such a long time awayyyyyyy! I want lemonade!!!

  22. Im in love. I think Lemonade looks good on you and rock it its beautiful! I can't wait till these come out, this is a whole Orly collection I could see myself getting :)

  23. Evil Angel: Awww thanks, you're too sweet!

    I just discovered your blog-wish I had found it sooner! I added you to my blogroll list! :)

  24. i am beginning to truly lust after these..haha...

  25. Beautiful! And I'm so jealous! I would love to get new collections to post on my blog.

  26. Very nice! Unfortunately like you they will look weird on my skin tone. But I like the cool paleness of them.


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