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A little Moxie for Arie

Arie said she'd like to see a swatch of Zoya Moxie so here you go Lovie!

Sorry for the yuck of my hands, my supplies that I ordered before xmas finally showed up so I had a shit ton of mixing and orders to fill. Rubber gloves are great but oxide dust always creeps through somehow.

I have iron oxide, pigment and mica stains. Gah!
I'll soak tomorow and be all good as new!


  1. Zoyas always look so smooth ;)

  2. What a beautiful shade on you. So creamy and pretty. I really can't see the stains on your hands. Don't worry, my eyes go right to your nails and I see nothing else. Have a nice weekend sweetie!

  3. This shade looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

  4. OMG, OMG, OMG...I don't know if this are the gorgeous photos or the nail polish or your nails or all of the above...but this must be one of your top 10! It looks awesome on you!

  5. Phyrra- It is very smooth and nice application.

    Gildedangel- Thank you!

    Lucy- Thank you, have a great weekend!

    Ginger- Thank You!

    Thess- :)

    Sasha- The color is great but I only swatched so I'll have to do a full mani and see if I'm in love. lol

  6. OMG !!! Dear Evil Angel Thank you so much!! I loooove it :)

  7. Michele- Thank You!

    Arie- You are so very welcome lovie!

  8. Your nails look marvelous, Andrea!

    The color? hmmmm not being a red lover, this actually looks very nice, more like a rose-red shade?

  9. Gosh that colour is Luxe. Beautiful on your stunning nails!

  10. Ohhhh I like it. This looks fantastic on you, beautiful creamy not grandma pink just like we were talking about!

  11. Gosh that colour is Luxe. Beautiful on your stunning nails!


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