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Man Glaze Review and Swatches (~~) \m/

I Recieved a wonderful package from Marc of Man Glaze, with samples to swatch and review.
I am honored and Marc is a doll!

First I have to say that the graphics and packaging is nothing short of Bad Ass!
My husband Chris even stole one of the Man Glaze stickers and affixed it to his guitar, that is how awesome they are.

Now on to the good stuff!

First I swatched Matte is Murder

And there was no sun so these are done with my lightbox.

The multi colored shimmer is awesome. At a distance it looks like just a silver shimmer but closer inspection shows an explosion of colors and adding a clear top coat really brings the shimmer out.

I added one coat of Seche Vite over my index finger, one coat of Hot mess plus SV to my middle finger and one coat of Hot Mess without top coat to my ring finger and my pinky which is hiding I used one coat of Seche vite and then re mattified it with Matte Astrophy.

Hot Mess is the smoothest silver matte glitter and it is wicked beautiful!
With shiny top coat it changes colors in different light, in warm light it has a gol/copper reflect and in cool light it is silver with some blue tones. Personaly I love it matte.

Next is Fuggen Ugly

Fuggen Ugly is a charcoal gray with the same kind of multi colored shimmer as Matte is Murder.
Though when matte the shimmer in Fuggen Ugly looks slightly blue/silver.

Fuggen Ugly is my NOTD, I had to let Chris decide because I love them too much to pick.

I love the depth of these!

With one coat of seche Vite Fuggen Ugly is an entirely different animal.

That is some killer shimmer!

I love the eyeball skater dude!

I thought this one was funny because it shows how small my hands are....that is a standard size business card. lol Although much cooler than your typical card!

My opinions on Man Glaze:
These are the most amazing mattes I've used!
The formula is not thick and gloopy like a lot of mattes. It's a nice smooth formula, just like that of traditional polish, so you have time to smooth it and it does not show every flaw. I love that. It's the easiest matte to work with in my opinion. They dry quickly like all mattes so you really don't need a fast dry at all.
The colors are perfection! They have depth and are not boring and flat in the least. The shimmer stole my heart right off! The shimmer is subtle enough that it looks masculin on guys but still looks smokin' hot on women! Hot Mess does not remove like most glitters it was not a torture and required no more effort than any nail polish to remove and it's smooth on application, no grity glitter feel. Matte Astrophy matte top coat is awesome!
So Man Glaze is EvilAngel loved and reccomended!
This is some wickedly fab nail polish!


  1. Talk about sexy hot! These look simply amazing on you! I love them matte and I love them with a topcoat. I think the shimmer makes all the difference compared to other mattes.

  2. Oeh, those scare me a bit...
    A good scare though.. =D

  3. Oooh those are really gorgeous. i'm not sure how i feel about mattes on myself though, i like them on other people but prefer glossy on my own nails.

  4. gahhhhhhhhhh! I'm gonna have to buy Matte is Murder and FUggen Ugly. I blame you. You and you're wicked hot nails. My 5 year old made me paint his toes and nails black today he said "because when I grow up I'm gonna be a rock star". I think he needs these polishes! And I'm gonna have to re-mohawk his hair when its warm again....
    Gorgeous swatches, as always. I have the jealous

  5. Jess- ITA, the shimmer really makes these hotttt!

    Thess- LOL

    Lillian- A lot of people feel that way, just remember that a coat of top coat makes the matte the shiny and some mattes have much more dimention than their traditional cousins.

    Michele- They are even better than I'd hoped!

    Beautifier- :)

    Ange- You are not allowed the jealous...I'll bring them on our next play date! :D

  6. Holy crap!! That is sexy overload.. I just peed a little! :)

  7. these are fantastic! murder is my favorite. (how often do you get to say that?!)

  8. MiM is desktop material. I have never seen your nails look more wicked than in that photo!
    Pure Love I say!

  9. ange marie is dead on!!!!!
    Yes the packaging, your pics, and your nails are bad ass!!!!

    Love it. Got to get it- now i dont typically mail order nail polish- but YES! YES! YES!

    on another note, please sheare with me how you do the wonderful littlesignature graphic @ the bottom of each post!

    im a blog dork!

  10. I prefer them matte the way they were meant to be. Love them all on you. MiM is gorgeous. Hot Mess is wicked cool. Fuggen Ugly is fantastic. Your nails look just amazing.

  11. Liz- I'll send you a package of adult diapers. lol

    Diane- I know isn't fun. How often can you have shock answer to "what color is that polish?" Oh it's Fuggen Ugly." LOL

    GildedAngel- No drooling on your keyboard!

    Lisa- Awww....blush! Thank you lovie! I'm honored that my nails grace your desktop! xxox

    Konaddict- Thank You!
    I'll email you the tutorial.

    Lucy- I have to agree with you, these do look amazing in their intended matteness!

  12. Wooo-hoo great ones! I love blacks and greys and these look fabulous on You!

  13. These look awesome, just don´t know where to buy these ion Europe :(

  14. I like the Hot Mess. And also the rest, funky packaging and all. You're a bad influence, I just got rid of half my nail polish collection not long ago. LOL.

  15. Oh my. Matte is murder looks awesome! All of them look awesome!

  16. Oh wow! These a very cool and I'm glad to hear that the formula is so good. Thanks for swatching them!

  17. oooh, they are all scrummy! I love Matte is Murder, and Hot Mess, love 'em! :o)

  18. Matte is Murder looks HOT on your nails. *iz jealous*

  19. Dirgesinger- Thank You!

    Hitomi- They are hard to resist!

    AllYoudesire- They ship internationally! :)

    Music- I have been accused of being a bad influence before! lol

    Sasha- They would look awesome on you!

    Megan- Anytime! :)

    BabyD- They are the purties!


  20. I don't love mattes, but your nails make everything look amazing!!

  21. These polishes look amazing on your nails.

  22. awesomeeeeeeeeee. where can i get these polishes?

  23. Hi Evil Angel, I just had to come over for a look!
    Perfect colors!!

  24. I LOVE the Man Glaze line! They look great on you!

  25. awesomeeeeeeeeee. where can i get these polishes?

  26. Matte is Murder looks HOT on your nails. *iz jealous*

  27. Oeh, those scare me a bit...
    A good scare though.. =D


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