All the Beautiful people

I accidently made Lucy's blue!

In an attempt to make a navy blue jelly I think I might have
done a friend a favor....Lucy is this your navy blue creme with no shimmer?
1/2 bottle of clear
1/4 of Wet n Wild Nocturnal
6 drops WnW White creme
add ballz and shake. : )

It's pretty...but not jelly.

Maybe I'll add more clear.

Maybe some flakies on top or matte....or both?


  1. This turned out good! I think it looks fine the way it is but flakies would be awfully pretty too!

  2. That color is gorgeous, and it would look great with flakies too!

  3. Romika- Thank you and I'm loving your blog!

    Michele- Blue Jelly is drooly!

    Jess- You know I can't leave well enough alone! lol

    Gildedangel- Thank You lovie! I think flakies are coming.

  4. I frankened with Nocturnal. It takes TONS of clear to make it jelly. I honestly think mine is more clear than it is nocturnal, but it ended pretty jelly :)

  5. You did some lovely mixing. I think you made the sky in early evening. <3

  6. Me too I like it!,it's a pretty cool color :)

  7. Almost! A tiny bit darker. It's still a beautiful color. Funny about this shade, but I've seen about 4 other different brands this week. I have to find out what brand my tiny bottle is! Looks gorgeous on you as always. You may have to go into production on this lovely.

  8. I am wondering if you know of a color that is very dark red, almost black looking. I used to have one, it was by Avon. And I threw it out. This was before I knew you could add thinner and save them...bummer. Needless to say, the color was discontinued and I haven't been able to find one like it. But I don't really have time to go out shopping either. Can I use my fav dark red and just add black and mix it? hmmm

  9. Ange- I'll add more clear and see.

    Diana- Thank you, it's a very nice shade.

    Thess- :)

    Arie- Thank you!

    Lucy- Thanks sweety, have a great weekend!

    Lisa H.- Revlon makes a great Vampy red named Vixen or if you feel like Frankening I would use a cheapy that if it doesn't work it's no big loss. N.Y.C and Wet n Wild are great for experimenting with.


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