All the Beautiful people

Green and pink eye of the day!

I love green and pink together!

This is my face incase you are tired of looking at my hands. lol

This is how pale I am right now!

And a shadow over my face.

Eyeball closed

Peek a boo

A big kiss

ELF mattifying powder
NARS Blush orgasm
NYX Eyeshadow base white
UD Grafitti on lid and blended up
Evil Shades Double barrel in crease
Evil Shades 2010 on brow bone
Hard candy liquid liner in fuchia
Rimmel Volume flash mascara in black
Wet n wild  528A

And I put my pretty hot hot pink back in my hair because I love it and I missed it way too much!
Whoever says 36 1/2 is too old for pink hair is an asshat!
A bonus:
I added NYX Purple Avenue over my navy franken with Man Glaze matte astrophy on my ring finger.


  1. The eyeshadow/liner/everything is so pretty! And I absolutely love the pink.

  2. LOVE the pink hair! I just dyed over the bright red streak in my hair. :)

  3. Asshats, indeed! I have purple hair and I'm older than you are! It's not as bright as yours, but I did do blue like that a couple years ago.
    My hair is so dark though, the bleaching killed it, so I got "clip ins" from my stylist and wear them when I want an extra bit of color in my purple.
    I used to use Garnier 100% color Blue Black and that was pretty cool since my gray hairs sucked up all the blue and the brown hair was black. I called it "cartoon black" cuz it was like the comic book hero hair. :) Now it's purple like that and I love it! I'm business in the office (and I'm allowed to wear my clip ins if I want) and Party out in the sun!
    You rock on with your pretty pink hair girl! You look good!

  4. I hope you feel pretty today, because you should! Love the pink liner and the pink hair!
    PS-you are soooo not too old for pink hair!

  5. I'm turning 34 this month and I'll be damned if I stop using ultra violet manic panic in my hair. Goth, pierced and tattooed till I die!

  6. Jean- Thank You very much!

    Lissa- I was sad when I covered my signature pink to look for did not help and now I'm happy with my pink again! :P

    Elizabeth- Lesson learned! The pink stays and the asshats can deal with it!

    Cindy- Hugs!!!!!!!

    Astraea- And you'll rock it I'm betting!

  7. Dear Evil Angel you look cute, I like the eye makeup!.
    I want one hot hot pink back too! :)

  8. from the top of your head to the tips of your pretty fingers, you look gorgeous!!

  9. Where do I start?

    Love, love the makeup. Pink and green is a favorite color combination.

    Love Purple Ave over your franken and it's amazing matte! One question: do you have to kind of dig the flakies out with your bottle or is it just me?

    Finally, you know I love your hands but it's always great to see your sweet face. You are lovely.

  10. Psssh, you think you're pale you would think I was transluscent then...You're never too old for pink hair, I think.

  11. Hi Evil don't look so evil as your name :-)
    What a lovely lady you are!!
    I think you look gorgeous.
    And what a great mani. Beautiful color!!!

  12. Love the eyemakeup. The pink liner is fantastic. I never go without wearing eyeliner when I wear eyemakeup. I'd feel naked! You look gorgeous with the pink in your hair. I want hot pink hair but have never used any of that hairdye. My hair is grey with brown mixed in the back. Do you think that dye would color my hair without having to strip the color? Love the nails. Your a beautiful person.

  13. Hey, beautiful! I don't like pink and green together. *thinks* no, I don't. But I do like your lips and your nails. =)

  14. I love the pink in your hair! I had mine sort of similar for a while and it never actually came out because I'm blonde. And your paleness ain't got nothin' on mine!

  15. 1. The pink liner with the green is unusual and cool, reminds me of a flower.
    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink in your hair! It makes me smile!
    3. You're NOT OLD! You're barely older than I am.
    4. The nails look lovely, too. I love flakies.

  16. You look prettiful. And I'm so getting that eyeliner.

  17. Very pretty makeup!!! Love it!!!

    Ohhh Purple Ave. that is gorgeous flakie!! I need!!!

  18. Ohhh your makeup looks wonderful!

    I LOVE your hair! I want fun hair maybe when I get mine grown out you can give me lessons!

    Nails are killer, I love those flakies!

  19. Love the pink hair! I thought I was already following you but I've added you again! Can't wait til you get 300 followers.
    I'd love to see a piccie of you with your nails in the same picture, something like a thinking pose?! strange request eh?!
    Lots of love from a fellow long nail girl! :-)

  20. Arie- Thank You! Hot hot pink rocks!

    Diane- You know I love you! hugs

    ML- Thank You! I must have gotten a good bottle mine is smooth and tons of flakies, now this is two coats, so not as plentiful as Nfu-oh but still good.

    Arrianne- This is very pale for me, being Blackfoot I'm usually rather dark but for some reason I've been getting very light in winter. PS I love fair skin

    Romika- Thank You! I'm only Evil when I need to be. That is how the nickname started, I'm a pretty nice person but if someone messes with my friends or family or is being unjust my halo and wings hit the floor and the horns and pitchfork are out. lol

    Lucy- If the brown is not too dark then you wouldn't need to bleach and MP works great on gray.

    Sasha- Thank you lovie, I know pink and green is sort of an odd combo but you know me anything against the norm! lol

    Stephanie- see that isn't fair I have to bleach first! lol

    Phyrra- Thank You! I'm keeping my pink no matter what from here on out!

    Moodpupet- They had some nice colors, I think I need more! Did I mention I'm an eyeliner addict?!

    Gina- You can't beat a $2.50 flakie!

    Jess- I'll teach you when you are ready! :)

    Sophie- My overseas Sister....I thought you were following too.
    Not an odd request,I'll see what I can do for you maybe this coming week! ((hugs))

  21. oh yeah, asshat. LOVE the pink hair. If my hair weren't shorter than most guys I would dye it pink or red (again). And I'm 50.....

  22. I never get sick of looking at your hands. Still, that is a lovely eye look.

  23. Ooo that liner is fantastic!!!! You're so pretty =)

    I love the NP today too! Also, I'm totally loving the pink in your hair. I have a little patch of my hair I dye purple, and I think I'm gonna redo it in a couple days!


  24. You look amazing!! I really love Double Barrel, its (one of) my fave Evil Shades colors!! AND your hair looks adorable XD I love black and pink together!

  25. YAY!!!!
    I absolutely LOVE it when you show us your gorgeous face!
    Hun, you are absolutely beautiful!!!

    and OH MY GOSH i LOOOOVE the hair!

  26. Asshats - I love it! I agree! Your hair AND your makeup look are lovely. Also, flakies. *heart* them!

  27. asshat? laughing my ass off! THAT will surely work its way into my (already) very naughty vocabulary!

  28. Wow, gorgeous eye colour combination! I would never have thought of putting those two colours together, but they look absolutely fantastic!

    Thanks for participating in Let's KOH Away, btw, and also for putting it on the sidebar. Good luck with your entries! :)

  29. Hello!
    I LOVE the lip color! So cute! And the nail polish too!
    I just wish I could find some of the brands that I see in blogs here in Portugal... :X **

  30. Hello!
    I LOVE the lip color! So cute! And the nail polish too!
    I just wish I could find some of the brands that I see in blogs here in Portugal... :X **

  31. asshat? laughing my ass off! THAT will surely work its way into my (already) very naughty vocabulary!


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