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Vampy blackend red sexy lips

The picture on left is to show what we are going for. This is a slightly more subtle Vampy lip that I did last week for Carm.

What you will need: A black eyeliner. I used Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero only because I was too lazy to go look for one of my cheapo black liners. A Red Lip liner in whatever shade you like. And either a Coordinating gloss or lip stick. I used Evil Shades lip gloss in Guilty as sin, because I'm a gloss Whore. On Carm I used a red plum lip stick and added Evil Shades gloss in Venom for shine.


Step 1: Line and shape outer edge of lip line in Black liner.

Step 2: Thicken the outline by filling in as thick as you like with black liner. Leave the center blank to add red.


Step 3: Fill center with red liner(or whatever your chosen color)

Step 4: Blend black in toward the red. Smudge the line between the two colors. I use an eyeliner smudger.

Step 5: Add gloss or lipstick or both. Start by gently patting gloss into the center of lip and dab it out to the outer edge.

There you have it a simple Vampy lip!
My final tip: play with colors, try a blue or green maybe purple or for those who need to tone it down, try a soft neutral brown for the outer line and a pearly neutral peach or pink in the center.


  1. Thank You! I just wish I had as much lip to work with a Carm!

  2. That is an amazing look. I love it. Too much with Vampy nails? You've really done a beautiful job.

  3. Hey MissNoNo,
    I tagged you to write 10 random facts about you, in my post about 10, well, 5 random facts about me...

    I can't wait to read yours!
    (I tried to email you, but Gmail was not cooperating.)

  4. Uh oh! I guess I have work to do! LOL


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