All the Beautiful people

I am such a Doof...

When I announced the giveaway winners I totaly forgot to show the myster shades...duh!

So here they are:
Zombie Eye shadow: a fun blackend red with gold shimmer
Lethal Kiss gloss: A peachy soft glass fleck Peach margarita flavor
Mausoleum Nail polish: A silvery grey with blue shimmer and I tiny bit of pink shimmer
Can anyone tell that I like shimmer?
Congrats again to the winners (Stephanie I still need your addy hun)
These are the 3 mystery prizes


  1. Oooo yum! I always try to find unique looking shades, and you're spot on. x

  2. I am glad that you like them. I have a habbit of making what apeals to me so unusual is usualy what comes of

  3. Zombie looks great! Hope I'll see swatches on the winners. :) Congrats to the winners one more time!


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