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10 Random things about me

Wixology tagged me to list 10 random facts about me!
I am honored Monica ((hugs))

Now where do I start? I’m terrible at writing or telling about myself but here goes!
I think everything about me is random to be honest! I am Random encapsulated into human form!

1) I don’t believe that there is anything that I cannot make or do. My brain grabs onto an idea of I like that and oh yes I could make/do that, and it just keeps going until the light bulb moment when I suddenly know how to make/do whatever it is.

2) I am Native American( Blackfoot) and Norwegian . Which just supports the idea that I am random as how much more random of a combination could you create? So I am what you get when you cross Blackfoot and Vikings. According to my Husband this means that it’s nearly impossible to get a rise out of me but if you do piss me off the wrath that is unleashed is inhuman. LOL

3) I speak Blackfoot and can actually spell that but English I struggle with spelling. Come on people could you have made anymore insane of spelling rules?
“áwaani tsáánistápi kiistówa ksimsstáán kiamá ksimsstáán kiistówa tsáánistápi áwaani”
“Say what you mean and mean what you say”

4) I think my oldest Daughter is an Alien! No human child could be as easy to raise and as perfect as she is! Honestly this is not bragging! I have no clue how this girl came to exist but man I am so lucky! She even picked the most amazing guy to marry! Now that is not saying that the rest of my brewd are bad, they are not. I have wonderful children, but they are not grown yet so we’ll see if they all turn out to be Jupiter’s rejects!

5) I think that Normal is about as interesting as a dripping faucet. Weird is fun!

6) I have more tattoos that I have pairs of shoes and yes I want more and yes it hurts, but it hurts so good!

7) I nickname everyone. I don’t know why but I do. Just ask my Son in law Fuzzy!
8) I collect coffin’s and coffin themed things. (no I do not sleep in one) lol
9) I practically live on coffee. I drink coffee from the time I wake up until I go to bed at night. Water and coffee are the only things I drink. Weird? I warned you
10) I am always doing multiple things at once. Drawing, Sewing, polishing my nails, listening to music, making something, talking or designing something. I cannot do just one thing at a time.
I am tagging a few of my favorite blogs(I think a lot have already been hit)


  1. Yes you are definitely an interesting woman! One that I would love to know and glad I'm getting a little chance. You are an amazing combination. I like your husbands explanation. I'm so happy that you can speak and spell Blackfoot. I usually listen to a radio program on Sunday night that's on NPR. It's called the American Indian Hour. They have an interesting mix of music. I was really astounded that one of the singers had to find someone to translate her lyrics into her tribes language. I believe there were under 5 people in the world that know this language. This really sadened me. I think it's important for people not to loose their language and past. That's funny about your daughter. You & husband have to be doing something right. I love tattoos but don't have any. I watch LA Ink and before that Miami Ink. I love to watch the artists do their craft. Very fascinating to me. What would I expect a Goth to do but collect coffin things. You really aren't just normal and neither am I. Enjoyed your 10 random facts.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed my randomness!
    Fortunatly Blackfoot is not a dying language, most Reserveation households still speak it fluently and children are still brought up with it as a equal to english.

  3. You'd love my coffin shaped hand bag. :))) :D

  4. Why don't I have a coffin purse?


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