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Contests and Giveaways

Tammi over at The Culture Enthusiast is having a fun giveaway to celebrat 50+ followers!
Go check out her fabulous blog, trust me you'll love her!

Kellie is having a fun giveaway also over at KellieGonzo for:
China Glaze Nova
Del Sol Reckless
Del Sol Peek a Boo
Nu Colour Antique Rose
Nu Colour Crimson
Nu Colour Scarlet
Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy
Nail Tek Foundation II
Nu Colour Eye Makeup Remover
Nu Skin Tru Face Instant Line corrector
Yves Rocher Pro-Retinol 100% Vegetal wrinkle reducer
Phytomer Oligomer Sea Water Bath

Missmercurylady is having a fun contest also please check it out!


  1. hey there!! ahh you are too kind! thanks so much for entering my contest! i was looking through some of your posts, and WOW....look at some of that gorgeous nail art!...self-made mascara?? you are so talented!

    also, I find it fascinating that you speak Blackfoot!! hehe..and can I have a nickname too? I guess the most awesome thing that i read is your intro post...I agree with you 100%. Beauty is not just is what portrayed in the media...there are many sides to it! And of course, true beauty comes from within. :)

    Man, you must be the coolest mom ever! :D

  2. Thank you! You are too sweet!
    I'll have to think on a nickname for you...I'll get back to you on that. :)

    I personally have seen some drop dead gorgeous women that don't fit "the mold" but you know who wants to be all moldy! hehe

    The coolest Mom'll have to ask my oldest DD she's one of my followers and The coolest chicky!


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