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Who doesn't love an Emerald Isle

This is another beautiful Best Nail Treatments color
Emerald Isle is a gorgeous Emerald green slightly blackened background with a teal shimmer
In the bottle it looks like a deep teal but on the nail you can see more of the Emerald
This is 2 coats in lightbox lighting
I love the formula, it's so easy to work with and so far non of the colors I've used (including this one) stained my hands or nails. I love that!
I actually wore this for 4 days (I've been so busy) and it wore wonderfully
I'm loving the colors and the sticky base coat is the best I've used.
You can get BNT polish and treatments here
The base coat is $7.99
The Top coat is $8.59
Colors are $5.99

Have you tried any BNT yet? Favorite colors?

**products in this post were provided by the company/pr for my honest review


  1. LacqueredPaintedPolishedAugust 15, 2011 at 2:41 PM

    What a gorgeous color! It looks great with your skin tone.

  2. Oooh, that is gorgeous indeed! I'm going to have to stop commenting on your swatch mani posts because I'm just going to be all 'MAEK A LIP COLOUR LEIK THIS!'

  3. Is this color not reminding you or OPI's Cookoo for this Color from fall Swiss Collection 2010?

  4. Such a pretty color! I haven't tried BNT yet, but I'm sure I will soon.

  5. Nice shade on you.  Still looks teal.  I've never bought this brand.  Don't think I will.  Nothing I don't already have.

  6. I have never tried any of their products, but that is one gorgeous color. I will definitely need to visit that site. My nail polish collection is aching for some new pretties.


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