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Vieux Carre OPI - A French Quarter for your thoughts

Vieux Carre  is creole, it means the old quarter (referring to the French Quarter)
Hubby being a NOLA boy reacted to the color with "why is it gray". lol
If you've ever been to New Orleans Louisiana then you know why
he found it odd, all of New Orleans is so full of color it's almost too much, but not.
I think it's intended more to be the beautiful old stone work buildings and the famous cemeteries that
this color is representing. I like it no matter.
French Quarter for your thoughts is a nice granite gray creme from the OPI touring America collection
And when I mentioned the French Quarter Hello Kitty insisted on coming along
( the fabulous HK decals were sent to me by my sweetheart Jerlene aka MusicalHouses from a funtabulous Blog- Of Faces and Fingers )
And to compliment HK I took a tiny bit of clear polish in a mixing cup and added a tiny bit of my Beach Party eyeshadow and did the very tips plus my ring finger over FQfyT.
The formula is very nice and smooth with good pigment so it is very nearly opaque on the first coat
I can't say that this is unique but if you are looking for a nice gray I would recommend picking this up because the formula is a bit better than several grays I have.
Thank you Jerlene for the Hello Kitty decals, they are almost as adorable and sweet as you!

Do we have our favorites from this collection yet? I have a couple but I'm not absolute on my must haves yet.

**Products in this post were provided by the company/pr for my honest review


  1. oh that is so beautiful!! and yes i have been to NOLA it was awesome, best bloody mary's ever and best food!!!...yumm i could go on and on...but i won't 


  2. Very nice mani.  Love those little HK stickers.  The tips look fantastic.

  3. I love NOLA. I was confused about it being gray too. Then I figured they were trying to be cute and make it quarter-colored. 

  4. I love how you used Beach Party to accent your nails. So pretty!

  5. I wish I had just ONE OUNCE of your nail talent. I don't think I will ever be able to be as creative and clean with my nail application as you. *weeps*

  6. So cuuute!
    I love this mani!

  7. oh these are gorgeous, i love the colours :)

    shel xx

  8. Love love love this mani! Gray polish and Hello Kitty; 2 of my faves!  :)

  9. Really takes something like this with a lot of the OPI fall collection to liven them up. They have some really 'slow' colors in that collection that I think are going to get left on the shelves for a long time to come. Cute with the MissKitty and also the over lay.

  10. Yes, and NOLA is anything but gray...just like Seattle should not have been that odd shade they named for the Space Needle. Hollywood pink is one of the few - and Maine Lobster are OK names that fit - the rest are well - off.

  11. Super cute!! I love the little stickers <3

  12. I love how you used Beach Party to add accents to this! It looks awesome!


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