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Dark Angel and her Stardust

I received the sweetest RAOK (random act of kindness)
a couple of weeks ago from Jennifer of  The Polished Pirate Blog, she sent me a little pretty that's been on my wishlist for a while....MAC's Dark Angel! YAY I know the color isn't anything all that unique and I'm not big on MAC's formula but I NEEDED this one because of the was meant to be mine! Thank you so much Jennifer, I love it and it sits in a place of honor in my polish closet.
What you thought I would do a normal manicure? Not happening!
I added Best Nail Treatments Stardust glitter to the very tips and my ring finger
I love this! The dark blackened purple of Dark Angel contrasts perfect with BNT teal glitter of Stardust
This is the most color accurate picture
MAC's formula still blows, it's streaky, drags and shrinks weird at the cuticle but the color is beautiful.
BNT Stardust is nearly full coverage in one coat and it dries so fast and the glitter is very fine so it's not bumpy once you put top coat on. (It also is a pita to remove therefore wears like teflon coated iron wearing a bullet-proof vest)
I could stare at this all day!


  1. wow!!
    Amazing mani!!
    I really love it!

  2. so creative and pretty! love it. 

    hoping you'll follow back!

  3. great color combination and the glitter is so pretty.

  4. I haven't heard great things about the MAC polish formula, but there's no denying how beautiful the color is!

  5. LacqueredPaintedPolishedAugust 23, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    Gorgeous as always, lady! You certainly have an eye for color combinations :) Which probably comes in handy running a cosmetics business, haha.

  6. That names IS pretty awesome!

  7. Love it! So pretty! I really like this length for your nails.  :)

  8. Gorgeous combination!

  9. That was a sweet gift! Love the manicure, especially the accent nail.

  10. This is SO you!! Love it.

  11. WOW!!! If I did this to my nails I'd stare at all day too. :)

  12. I agree with you, MAC's formula DOES blow, but this really is a gorgeous colour!


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