All the Beautiful people

Sorry I've been busy

I am trying to post more regularly but I got rather busy
trying to finish up some work and when things start rolling I lose track of everything until it's finished.
So what stole me away from you....
My new Spectrum pots!
I have been working on this formula since early December.
Originally the idea was to be the fat liner pencils but that was a huge fail about 3000 times.
So I changed gears and looked to making them pots and worked!
These are not a gel liner but more a cross between "paint pots" and "jumbo pencils" they work like a brightly colored sticky base, a creamy liner or a lid color. Since they are wax based (more like a liner) they apply best with a stiff angled liner brush, a sponge tip applicator, cotton swab or your finger.
These are the first 6 colors with many more to come.
I am very proud of the outcome and excited to see what everyone thinks.

I also spent a lot of time hunting down leak-proof non glass sample tubes so I can offer
my Hardcore lips in a sample size. I finally found a fit and tested it to death so now samples are available.

Oh and last night the lovely MoreSynthPlease caught my up in a spur of the
moment lipstick creation that stormed into a new product that I have not decided on if it will be Limited edition or something more but here she is...
More Synth glitter lipstick!
It was really fun to create and the Twitter mob demanding I put it up for sale on the website last night says it must be a good thing! XD

I will get back to regular posts Monday (I have 2 sick kids right now)
Miss you all!


  1. Oh, those Spectrum pots look AMAZING!!!

  2. Thank you! I just wish I had time to do a proper look with them to post.

  3. Well you do have a Birthday coming! :o)

  4. They are doing better.
    The glitter is fun.

  5. I hope I have time to do decent swatches this week! *fingers crossed*

  6. My mind runs at about 280 mph so creativity is more like reading a book for most. It's my relaxation.

  7. OMG the spectrum pot colors are to die for . I cant wait to get my hands on them . 


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