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I like color even in my hair....

Most of you are used to my colorful hair and that I change it up once in a while
just for fun. Well I'm still loving my teal....a LOT but I wanted a little something so first I added a little bit of indigo and now a dash of hot pink!
Be nice, I took these pictures right after I blow dried it but I hadn't flat ironed it and no makeup and yes I already desperately need a haircut. :o)

I used Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink and for my teal I always use n'Rage Twisted teal
The teal always looks more blue in pictures but it's a perfect teal in real life
I will be keeping my teal still but I might change up the pink or add something else in a month or so...
who knows what will be the next one. lol
I am planning on doing a color review soon on the different brands and types of unnatural colors for those interested.

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