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Don't judge Coral

I grabbed an oldie but a perfect summer goodie!
China Glaze No Morals Coral
Oh the chemical goodness that once was
Glass flecks, pink shimmer, coral base and pure gorgeous!
(No Morals coral has always been impossible for me to get a color accurate picture)
It's not nearly as orange as the pictures look but a perfect coral with a subtle pink shimmer mixed with glass fleck
This picture is closer to accurate
I adore this color and even though it is not B3F I love it and don't mind her immoral nature! :o)


  1. This is a new one to me.  Love the glass flecked polishes.  Looks perfect on you.  Love the name!

  2. Oh pretty! I need more China Glaze!

  3. Kirsten Glitta GlovesJune 23, 2011 at 3:34 PM

    As much as I love your long nails, your shorties are too freaking cute! Love this on you!

  4. Morals or no, coral does feel very right for summer.  I am liking your short nails.

  5. I think I've seen this at VNS and never ordered it - it's gorgeous! I've got to agree you have cute shorties, honey.

  6. She might have No Morals, but that's part of her charm. A classic beauty who looks fab on your 'short' nails (I put that in quotes because even short your nails are significantly longer than mine). Maybe I'll have to grab this color up if I ever see her around ;-)

  7. I loved the color looks summery and refreshing

  8. I don't think I've ever worn corals on my nails, but I know I love them on the lips and cheeks! :) 

  9. So cute color! It's so summery! Maybe you can check out my nailblog? I am a newbeginner, but I get better all the time! x)
    Lots of hugs from Thea <3


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