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New haircut & Makeup

Yesterday I had my beloved Elaine cut my hair (It needed it for about a month)
And as much as I loved my last cut (You can see it here) you all know I get bored easily so
I designed a new style and handed my wishlist and crazy hair over to Elaine.
It's a much shorter, choppier version of what I had
Oh and did I mention spikie? I love funky spiked mussy hair
I love my hair and my Elaine!
And look what was hiding on the back of my you see that little tuft of white, just about half way down and dead center! lol  How cool is that, now if the rest would just follow suit I wouldn't have to bleach at all! :o)
See I can look all sexy...ok no I can't but I can try or at least pretend!

Any of you that know me well know that I own Evil Shades Cosmetics....I am the owner, creator, order packer, shipping coordinator, hell I'm the entire freakin assembly line. Now the awesome part is that I am so busy that most days I don't even have time to wear makeup other than a quick 5 minute splash. Yesterday I had time to purty up or as hubby says I got my Hot girl face on. lol
Here is why I rarely post my makeup looks...I have very small very hooded eyes so a couple of things happen when I put my eyes on. 1- as soon as I open my eyes all you can see is mascara, liner and eyebrow. 2- I crease so badly and so quickly and no primer can stop it since it is due to the extreme eye fold which is only getting worse with age.  It's frustrating and it makes it very hard to take pictures.
But guess what happened to real creasing....really?
These pictures were taken 7 hours after I applied (I did not touch up anything except I changed my gloss)
I am guessing that this was due to my Spectrum pot that I used as a base. I actually had been afraid that it would crease worse. I used Prysm pink on my lid and then gently blended it up 2/3 of the way which is why my highlight below my brow is barely left at all.
I wore E/S Hardcore lips in Midnight Candy the first part of the day because for me it is a my lips but better color. (My lips are very wine stained in color naturally)
Then I switched to E/S Hardcore lips in Lost Kiss which is a nice candy pink with a purple shift
Products used:
-Evil Shades Matte Silk (aka The Shine Killer)
-E/S Skon blush

All Evil Shades
-Spectrum pot in Pink Prysm
-Franken shadow #8 on outer 2/3rds of lid and blended up above the crease
-Sephiric on inner 1/3 of lid and blended up and into #8
- Summer Lights in Vacation Paradise blended from brow down and in tear duct
-Reondite foiled for upper lash line and smudged into lower lash
-Rimmel volume mascara black(It's getting goopy)

Joey Healy Brow powder in Tobacco set with JH brow gel

And the lips are listed with the pics
Yay for a fun girly day!


  1. Loving the hair! I think I might have to be a copycat, I like my hair long, but gah, I don't have the time to make it look cool, I usually end up with messy buns.

    Your makeup is fantastic looking! Spectrum pot, you say? hrm...

  2. it suits you, the haircut! and i lve the colours of the makeup on you! *sigh* I wish i had all your lipproducts..

  3. I like this haircut even better than the previous one.  I have the same issue with my eyes being hooded.  Nobody sees my eyeshadow unless I close my eyes are use shadow as my liner.  It hasn't stopped me from using eyeshadow!  I haven't had any major creasing issues as of yet and I do use primer.  Must be luck. 

  4. i love it :-D
    you gonna make me cut my hear :-p

  5. Love the new haircut! Very cute!

  6. I LOVE everything you do with your hair! Makeup is super cute too =^.^=

  7. your hair is crazy but good crazy i like it :)

    shel xx

  8. Love the hair. Makes me miss my pixie cut, but I'm having a love affair with long hair the past two years and it's still going strong... but I must also add: omg I love Lost Kiss. It looks great and that shift is fantastic!

  9. I'd get rid of the pink in the hair and keep it only teal and black. You rock this haircut! :*

  10. Your hair and makeup look amazing!  I wish I could pull off a short cut like that.  You're so pretty!

  11. It is really nice! A few years ago I would love to have one just like that!!! :)

  12. Girl, I freaking LOVE your hair it's SO awesome! Really hot. And look at your cute makeup! <3 The lippies are luscious!

  13. MissmidnightBlueJune 30, 2011 at 6:34 PM

    Ohhh your hair!! its GORGEOUS!! I love it., I love that color so much on you.  :)  Gorgeous makeup too. :)

  14. Thank you lovie! Midnight Candy is becoming my go to everyday lip. 

  15. I'm easing my husband into something a bit more extreme. :o)

  16. Oh shush, you are gorgeous! You could shave your head and still be hotness!

  17. I know you are not a pink hair girl but I love my pink almost as much as the teal. :o)

  18. Thank you! I had long hair for nearly 20 years, it was time for fun hair. lol Plus it is so much easier to color!

  19. Around here crazy is always good!

  20. I have to do something to keep hubby from drooling on this hot Zombie I know! lol

  21. I like this one better to! I think the fact that my eyes are super watery so I blink a lot, might be in part a cause.

  22. Shhhh...don't tell anyone but I don't even have one of all of my lip colors for myself. lol

  23. Copy away!
    I had hair down to my waist for years and it always ended up in a messy bun or braids. I love my short hair, it's fun and so easy!

  24. Thank you love! How is the new job going?

  25. Love the new hair, it's super-sassy! Are you going to dye that little tuft of white? I think you should throw some random color at it, hehe.
    Oh, and I think your sexy look works ;-)
    You're adorable, baby!

  26. I LOVE the hair! It's very flattering for your face shape, and suuuper sassy! Plus, the color is great.

    I'll back you up, though, those Spectrum Pots of yours are fabulous! I've been wearing them all week(I bought Nano Yellow and Photon Green) to try them out in differing circumstances, and even my ultra oily lids WITHOUT primer can't beat them. I am so totally in love! I'm budgeting out when I can buy the rest!! Any plans on expanding the colors??? ^___^

  27. You are so pretty and colorful :D Wish I had your courage to dye my hair like that :D

  28.  seriously? I would have taken at least 2 of each for my own. Hell, with your skills id probably make some unique shades just for myself ;)

  29. You look gorgeous! Love the new hair! 

  30. I love this cut! It looks so fantastic. It also makes me regret growing my hair out. :/ 
    You are so gorgeous, I wish I could rock the awesome color too!
    At least I can do the makeup. ;)

  31. LOVE!!!  Wow it is short but I love it!!!  YAY!!!

  32. Looking gorgeous and like a hot mama!! love the haircut and your makeup is fabulous.  I haven't tried my new Evil Shades makeup yet.  Haven't been feeling good and then tooth pain so no playing around with the makeup.

  33. Andrea, I LOVE you're new hair!!! :)

  34. OMG I love your hair, it's so cute!!!!!!! Great bright makeup look, I really need to try your new Spectrum Pots!


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