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Fotolia stock picture fun

I had the opportunity to try fotolia and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.
At first I thought I really wouldn't use "stock photos" but figured I would
go look around and at least see what it was all about. Now call me hooked!

Now for BNP&LG I obviously use my own pictures and the same for Evil Shades, but after checking out
fotolia I found a great use that I hadn't thought of....Banners, Header, Backgrounds and buttons!
Here is the first use I made of a stock photo from the site
I used a stock picture (the background with the picture frame) and added the wording,
pictures of some of their jewelry and some tweaks in Gimp and made a fancy banner for Whimsy Beading to add to my sidebar. (You can see it on the left sidebar)

I think it turned out very nice for my being far from a pro & just starting to
figure out Gimp. I will definitely be using more from fotolia for a new header here and maybe a link button.
I have a few 2 week free trial codes if anyone wants to give it a whirl, just email me and I'll send you one.
(First come first served on the codes, I will add a note when they are gone)

There are so many pictures and useful backgrounds etc that I think I will have to become a paying member!

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  1. I've heard good things about Fotolia from a few people, I might have a look at it just to play around with making things. I think you did a good job. :)


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