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Giftmas whishlist

Since blogger won't let me load pictures today I thought I would share some
of my Giftmas Lemmings!

The cutest mesh and spiked shoes ever!
They make me think of fishnets and studded leather jackets, which you know is all love for me!
The zipper detail on the heal really makes me need these so bad!

These are my favorite style of boots only Prada chic'd them out.
Biker style boots are my favorite to wear with jeans or a skirt or shorts or um anything!
The leather on these looks so soft like an old broken in favorite leather jacket.
I deserve a pair of Prada boots right?! Now go tell my husband how much I deserve them!

I'm starting to like the look of the "bootie" style
These you would be able to tell that they aren't full boots if you wore pants.
I think the thick heel is safe for me with my evil knee. Oh and the little heel strap faux gator skin detail is so cute. I need to try these on. lol

I might share some more of my Giftmas lemmings or maybe some gift ideas later on.
I'm going to go beg inform the hubby that I need some fancy new shoes.


  1. Great list! Nice post :)

  2. Great make-up and skin care products!

  3. Well, that just plain sucks you couldn't get any photos up.
    Can I get these for you at Target?  No, you say?  Oh, well, then I'll have to send you a gift certificate....for Subway.  O:-)

  4. Lots of shoe options! Any gift wish polishes that have caught your eye? I have quite a few polishes that I want for christmas :D

  5. I might do a post on that!

  6. Edyta is gorgeous!

  7. This is a hot list! 
    I love booties. I wear them with jeans and skirts. I also find them easier to fit my legs. Hope you get what's on your list ;)


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