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Corioliss Flat iron review

I was given the oportunity to review the Corioliss Classic Pro flat iron
from Misikko' s website as well as the Hanna Shine shield thermal protectant.

I being a bit over protective of my hair when it comes to heat appliances Googled the Corioliss and found tons of reviews and to my surprise not a single bad one. My interest was peaked.

Being a pro myself I am always sceptical of new products so I played with these for a while comparing them to my normal products. I honestly see why I didn't find any negative reviews. The Corioliss Pro is light weight (super important if you are a pro or have a lot of hair like myself), heats up in under 10 seconds and my favorite part this is the very first flat iron ever to straighten my hair at a temp below 400. I started at 300 and went up until I found perfection at 350. Love that it requires less heat to do a better job than any flat iron I've had prior. Next the Hana Shine shield. I will not take heat to my hair without protectant since my hair is fairly dry but I don't like the oil type serums as they leave my hair greasy looking. I stand corrected, the Hana Shine shield took less than a dime size to cover all of my hair (that is a lot of hair) and it did not look or feel oily once applied. My hair stayed smooth, shiney and straight until my next washing.
So I am in love with both and will be buying another bottle of Hana Shine shield if I
ever run out. (The bottle is huge)

Details on the Corioliss Classic Pro
**This particular iron does not have dual voltage for my overseas friends but they do have a lot of great irons that are.

-Ceramic plates for negative ions and hair-healthy far infrared heat, creating shiny, frizz-free results  
(Very important in preventing damage and yes it really smooths my hair beautifully)
-1" plate size for easy styling of short to medium length hair
(This is my prefered size it's just easier to work with and more versatile)

-Straighten, flip or curl
(I will post pictures of my hair next time I use it to flip or do beachy waves)
-Heats up in less than 6 seconds
(It really does, YAY)

-Adjustable temperature from 140°F to 410°F - great for all hair types
(You should always start at the lowest temp and adjust to the lowest setting that straightens with only one pass of the iron)
-Convenient on/off switch
(Most good Pro irons have an on off switch which is an absolute must in my opinion)

My hair in it's natural crazy state:
After straightening:

Notice how my bangs are straight but not sticking out at an odd angle. I can take this iron right up to my scalp without burning myself. Also notice my hot doesn't look like straw, that hair is bleached from a level 2 to a level 9 and then colored with Manic Panic so it is very dry but it looks as smooth as the rest.
I definately reccomend both of these products, highly.
Misikko also carries some other great products like Hair driers
I am  going to whine until I get this T3 here
And they carry some of my favorite hair care products and the curling wand I've been wanting for a while....
HAI Digital Ceramic Styling Rod these are so awesome and that is a great price and my Birthday is coming soon. lol

So I've been trying to find a down side to either product, you know I do my best to be impartial.
I have yet to find a problem. Misikko has great customer service, the shipping is super fast and they even package them so fabulous that you feel like you recieved a gift. I really love the company. The website is very easy to find what you are looking for and there prices are very good.
Sorry it's all positives and I am posting a link in my favs to shop because I will be shopping with Misikko again very soon!

**Products in this post were sent to me by Misikko for my consideration.
All opinions are my own honest views


  1. i do like corioliss flat iron, my sister has it. great review :)

  2. i am not using a flat iron ATM but i will keep this one in mind!

  3. I've never used a flat iron.  I set my hair with velcro rollers.  I'm just afraid if I use a flat iron my hair will be flat! My hair is thin so the rollers give some volume.  I love your hair! You look all sorts of gorgeous with that haircut.  I've said on other blogs that there are a few bloggers whose reviews I really trust.  I add you to Mary, Niki H. and that crazy girl on GetchaNailsDid! Love all of you and know your all truthful with your product reviews.  Thanks doll.

  4. WOW!!!  Impressive results - your hair looks AWESOME!!  I've heard good things about the Corioliss before - so glad it worked out great for you :D  And you look gorgeous with both hairstyles too :)


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