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BB Couture Infamous Lovers Her collection

I love the idea of having a His & Hers collection to compliment each other.
I have the Hers half for you

Pocahontas is a taupe creme with random specs of black glitter
Application was BB Coutures usual dreamy 2 coats of awesome.
This is with no top coat. These types of colors do not suit my skin tone which is a shame because this one is quite interesting and pretty.

Juliet is a medium peach creme that for some reason did not want to have her picture taken.
On me it looks between a nude and calamine lotion but in the bottle, on nail wheel and on my daughter it is a pretty creamy peach. I wish it was on me but my skin tone is odd.
The application was fabulous almost a one coater.

Cleopatra is a teal with glowy blue shimmer that transforms this color to a beautiful and unique shade of yum!
This is 2 coats of love!

Eve is a warm olive green jelly with lots of lighter green glitter.
This is without top coat and it is a bit bumpy but one coat of top coat and you'd never know.
This is 3 coats and very nice coverage for a jelly.

Bonnie is a emerald green jelly with diamond/silver glitter.
Very nice coverage at 3 coats and builds very easily and even.

Carla is a deep red toned purple with blue micro shimmer which gives a very lovely contrast.
This is 2 coats with no top coat.

I think this is a very unique collection and the variety of shades makes it work well on many different skin tones and tastes. I am excited to get the His half of the collection now.
Do you have any favorites?

**Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for my honest review


  1. I know Eve and Bonnie need to come to meeeeeee.  >.>

  2. They all look fantastic on you.  Your nails are just gorgeous.  I bought the whole collectioon.  I just couldn't resist them.  I've worn Bonnie and Romeo so far.  Bonnie is just gorgeous.  Stained  my skin a bit but with washing my hair they came out.  I love that there were more greens for me to buy.  BB Couture has the best greens out of any brand. 

  3. I love the first two colours. Your nails look awesome in all the pictures. 

  4. Thank you, I think BBC did a great job

  5. Thank you Ortons Mommy! :-D

  6. Bonnie stained me too, but she's so pretty!

  7. They'd look gorgeous on you!

  8. I seriously need Cleopatra and Anthony, and Charla...soooo pretty!


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