All the Beautiful people

I want you to meet my friend Joey Healy The Brow Master!

Hello my beautiful friends!
I want to indtroduce you to my sweety Joey Healy.
I know that you all will adore him as much as I do!
Isn't he a hottie!
Joey is an amazing up and coming Makeup artist and a Master brow artist!
He is a licensed Makeup artists, Esthetician and he is a specialist in brow design.
Joey's work has graced major Runways, Ballet stages and International Fashion magazine covers.
So yeah he rocks pretty hard at what he does.
Joey is a freelance MUA and has a fantastic brow service.
Joey can completely redesign your brows, seriously.
Joey offer a very unique service, he's not only your new favorite MUA but he is your mobile brow master.
He travels all over New York city designing and grooming beautiful brows.

So you have an event on Thursday and no time to go to the salon to get your brows done.
Joey will come to the office on your lunch hour or your house or hotel where you are he will come and bring his magic with him.
Joey uses a combination of trimming and tweezing to sculpt the brows to correctly accentuate facial features and give the proper definition to one's bone structure.
You will get a consulation to determine exactly what you want and what can be achieved.
You can go to Joey's website here to find out more about him or to make an appointment.
A regular brow session with Joey is $55 but for my readers in New York or those who will be vacationing there can get your first session for $40 by mentioning Black nail polish and lip gloss blog when you make an appointment. Joey also does Makeup for events or whenever you need his magic.
I wish I lived in NYC!

You love him already right?
Well guess sweet friend Joey will be guest blogging right here once or twice a month to answer your makeup and brow questions, offer tips and whatever else he wants. I give him free reign to hang out with you all and just be his awesome self. Friday will be his first post so lets make him feel welcome and send him lots of BNP&LG smooches!


  1. Wow. That is awesome. I can't wait to read his first post. *smooch*

  2. Awesome!! He sounds like someone I'd love to sit and talk with. I can't wait to read what he has to say!

  3. brow-lessons, YES PLEASE!!! :)

  4. Not gonna lie, he's hot ;]

  5. umm yeah he is hot..i'm afraid to mess with my brows... there is not much to work with.. i dont want to pluck too much and be brow bald.. lol

  6. Wow, exciting!! And I agree with the hot comments ;( sigh...

  7. Sweet (said in Cartman style)  Excellent brows can make or break a look....he's hot

  8. I need Joey to move to LA! 

    Doesnt he want some California sun?? LOL!

  9. Wow: hot + master brow artist = <3

  10. You just can't beat that with a stick can you

  11. Sorry but I have dibs! lol

  12. Or in my case the lack of brows. =-O

  13. It's hard to argue with the hots, lol

  14. I'm the same...I have sad little brows

  15. Signs you up for Joey Healy Brows 101

  16. You will love him! He and I can talk forever about brows, makeup and other silly things...he's a doll!

  17. Wow: hot + master brow artist = <3


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