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China Glaze Fight like a Woman swatches

I love the name of this special LE collection!
Fight Like A Woman! Some of the strongest and most courageous people I've met are women!

China Glaze Nail Lacquer Gets the Gloves Ready to Join in the
Fight Against Breast Cancer
Join China Glaze Nail Lacquer this October in the battle against breast cancer, one nail at a time! The professional line of nail lacquers brings on the fight with three powerful pinks. Inspired by the women who fight everyday and those that support them in their battle, these fabulous shades are sure to help you defeat the toughest opponents with style and class. China Glaze representative Rachel Schafer voiced that “in an industry dominated by women, for women, it is important that we strive to work together towards finding a cure.”

Offer your fellow women some Encouragement!
A very soft sweet baby pink with a beautiful sprinkling of glass fleck shimmer.
This is no boring baby pink! I think if you are one of those that need work appropriate color but want to a little fun....this is ideal! A little sheer, this is 3 coats but worth it in my opinion.

Empowerment is something all women deserve!
Empowerment is a lovely bubblegum pink creme.
Everyone needs a good bubblegum pink creme in their collection!
This is 2 coats with no top coat.

To be a strong and conquering woman you'll need Endurance!
Endurance is a stunning hot pink glass flecked jelly.
It is sheer as most jellies are. This is 3 coats. I absolutly adore this color and if you only get one color from this collection I highly reccomend Endurance!

Great job China Glaze! I honestly did not think I would be impressed with these but color me wrong!


  1. Ok, I want them all! :-[

  2. I really love all of these

  3. Aurora's NailsJuly 26, 2010 at 8:35 AM

    Isn't the name great? I love all these colors, I don't know which one to choose! So I guess I'll have to get all three...

  4. cant wait to get this collection, as a survivor of my boobies trying to kill me, this collection is definitly near & dear to me.  thanks for the bee-u-t-ful swatches!

  5. That's what it's all about....brave, strong women like you! ((hugs))

  6. I haven't talked to Yen yet but someone was saying that there was going to be a set with all 3

  7. Surprizingly I do too :)

  8. They are so much prettier than I expected!

  9. China glaze did a great job

  10. I like all of these shades.  SurprisinglyI like Encourgement the most.  Important to buy this collection.

  11. I love Endurance! The other two are pretty, too, but I doubt I will get all three.

  12. Very pretty! I like all 3 of these.  I think Encouragment is my fave with Endurance a very very close follw up

  13. My fav is Empowerment, hands down. Very pretty!

  14. They are all gorgeous but I specially loved Endurance!
    Hope I will be able to get them!

  15. Endurance is so pretty! *wants*

  16. I love Empowerment...such a pretty shade!

  17. I love the first two colours!! And your nails are soo long and nicely shaped! ^^


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