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Elizabeth Grant skin care review

I was sent a few products from Elizabeth Grant to try.
I have used these products for the past month so as to offer a full review.
I'm going to just dive in.

Vitamin C Body Scrub
From the website:
The potent combination of Torricelumn™ and Vitamin C make this body scrub a powerful anti-aging treatment that will leave your body feeling and looking smoother, younger and more beautiful.

My experience:
Love the citris scent, not too strong. I really like the texture of this scrub, it's a fine grit and spreads very easily. I noticed my skin was glowy after the first use. After a month of use (twice a week) I have noticed that my skin does look much smoother and is definitly softer and has a lovely glow.

Vitamin C Hand & Nail Cream
From the website:
Hands can show the evidence of aging and sun damage just as much as frown lines and crow’s feet. This non-greasy and quick absorbing hand and nail cream delivers an intense dose of Vitamin C to lighten hyper-pigmentation and increase collagen production. Contains Torricelumn and three other major hydration ingredients to boost moisture levels all day long and strengthen the nails. Vitamin C Hand & Nail Cream eliminates dryness and brightens and protects the skin giving your hands a more youthful appearance.

My experience:
I do not have "age spots" so I cannot speak on that part.
The scent is very light and similar to the body scrub. This is very fast absorbing and not at all greasy.
This lotion is a little too light for my taste, I prefer a more intense cream. I did not notice any change in the skin on my hands but to be fair I have always been an avid hand lotion addict so there really was no need for improvement. I will try this again this winter when my hands really do need the extra moisture.

Peppermint & Eucalyptus Foot Scrub
From the website:
With Peppermint Oil to refresh tired feet; Eucalyptus to soothe aching feet; and Aloe to moisturize dry feet, Peppermint & Eucalyptus Foot Scrub is a relaxing and refreshing foot treatment.

My experience:
I used this once a week for the past 4 weeks and my feet are very happy. My feet loot very pampered.
I personally don't really like the smell of mint on my feet and I know most people do so I can't comment on that part. I did notice that on the days I had been on my feet a lot this really made them feel a ton better.

Cracked Heel Treatment
From the website:
Cracked heels are a common foot problem generally caused by dry and callused skin. This irritating cosmetic issue can lead to the more serious problems of pain or infection, in cases where cracks are deep. Cracked Heel Treatment helps to relieve and repair dry, cracked heels by moisturizing and softening the skin.

My experience:
I so reccomend this (even if it smells minty)!
My husband is Diabetic and so we really have to take great care with his feet. I used this twice a week and he used it everyday. My feet are soft as a babies bum and his feet are so much softer. He had a couple of cracked areas on his heals and those are gone, the calloused areas are much softer and smaller. I highly reccomend this for anyone with dry, cracked or callosed feet.

I have also spied a couple of other products in the elizabeth Grant line that I'm going to order and I'll let you know what I think of those.


  1. These all sound great! If I don't put lotion on my feet twice a day, they get absolutely terrible, so the cracked heel stuff would probably be good for me. :)  Thanks for reviewing!

  2. You are now over 1000 followers! A great CONGRATULATION for You! :-D


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