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Zoya Mod Mattes Summer 2011- swatches & review

Zoya....have you been reading my mind?
Bright, bold, sassy and matte!
Phoebe & Mitzi
Phoebe- Sky blue with a teal shimmer that makes this gorgeous glowy matte look like matte teal sky
Mitzi- Neon lime green matte that just feels like fun in a bottle
I love these two and I love them even more together
Phoebe applies so perfectly, not like most mattes, smooth and even.
Mitzi applies like most mattes, fast and a little uneven but smooths well on the second coat.
This is my new "Happy" manicure!
Are you smiling yet?!
Lolly....oh Lolly, you are so pretty!
Lolly- A bright nearly neon Barbie Pink!
Unfortunately my antibiotics are making my skin mega oily so this looks very satin but it is very matte
I love this color and I love that it's matte
Zoya I could kiss you right on the lips for this Limited Edition collection!
You want these don't'll have to hop over to I might have to buy a backup set!