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China Glaze Tronica- Gamer Glam & Hyper Haute

At first I wasn't going to get any of the Tronica collection but I decided
to see them in person before making up my mind.
The Tronica's are not nearly as holo or the type of holo as the OMG's or even Kaleidoscope but I decided that if I liked them in the store without the holo effect then I would get a couple....I ended up getting 4
Gamer Glam is more holo than Hyper Haute but I like the holo because it looks to be a silver and pink holo in the purple base which makes it worth owning for me at least.
These are very sheer and require 4 coats or layering over an opaque color.

Oh the little knife? I just pulled that out of my back and found it to look quite cute on my nails

Stabby, stabby
You can see the pink on my index finger here
You said you wanted more pictures....
All pictures are in lightbox lighting as the sun has been hiding

I like these holo or not so I'm happy that I gave them a chance
All in all I like these and I will wear the colors that I bought
Do I recommend running out and grabbing them up? Only if you missed the OMG's and or Kaleidoscope collections, otherwise I suggest seeing them in person to decide if you love them or not.

P.S. To those who stuck that little knife in my back....jokes on you.....I like shiny pointy things!