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Joey Healy Brow Collection Review Part 1

I'm sure a lot of you remember Joey, he did a fabulous guest post
here last year. He is the brow God, seriously!
Well my dear heart has a wonderful new line of Brow products available on his site Here.
Joey sent me the whole kit to love, play with and hopefully get my brows to eventually be Healy worthy!

**Disclaimer: I am no brow expert, artist....honestly I am a sad brow newb. So be nice or I will cry and then send the wicked brow over tweezing fairy to destroy you! XD (kidding....maybe)

My eyebrows are weird, always have been, and they are not shaped yet.
I have been trying to allow them to grow back in hopes of decent shaping. With this I discovered that I have a couple of naked spots in my left brow.

With that comes the first part of my review.
Joey sent me his Brow Enhance serum which I have been using once daily for almost 2 weeks.

Warning: Scary no makeup before brow pics ahead!
All kinds of horror

You can see all of the nakedness that makes shaping my brows a pita

Now it's only been about 2 weeks:
look there are little hairs starting to fill in my naked spots
And the "tail" of my brow is much thicker
I might actually be able to shape them soon!

I also made an attempt at filling my current misshapen brows in with Joey's Luxe Brow Powder
in tobacco and his fabulous brow brush (I so love this brush)
I just did a soft natural fill since I was not wearing makeup and my brows are not properly shaped.
Honestly this is the first time I have used a brow powder that looked nice. The brush is stiff enough to make it easy to get your shape but still soft enough that you can do a natural soft look.
You can darken them very easily and you can achieve very nice sharp lines as well. and the spool brush on the opposite end makes it so nice for blending and directing while you fill.

The Luxe Powder is $24 and the Duo Brow brush is $20 (I will never be without this brush again)
Right now there is a special you get a free Signature patent leather cosmetic bag with the purchase of 2 or more items. (I love my Joey Healy bag it sits in a place of honor on my vanity)

I'm going to be completely honest, I have used a lot of brow products
 and they have all ended up in the trash. My issues with most are that they don't blend so the look is harsh, dark and fake or they don't apply well and you cannot get an even color or with some the choices of colors don't work for most people. So I really feel like the Joey Healy Collection offers a better product that works as it's intended with no expertise needed and that is exactly what I need and love.

Thank you to my friend Joey for sending me these and for offering
products that work and work wonderfully for those of us who are not brow masters!