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I can't post until tomorrow

I had to get a new laptop today due to the mental problem my old one has....
now I have to load alllllllllll of my programs and pics etc onto this one. :o(
I will try to get a post up tomorrow!
And to Caitlin...I'm sorry I looked like this ^ today!
I'm shocked you even reccognized me looking so very ewwwww! lol


  1. teeheee  fuzzy monster is fuzzy :)

  2. HAHA that is not what you looked like!

  3. I was looking a little ew myself that day!

  4. Good luck with your new computer! Just don't have any meltdowns.  Computers can drive you insane.  (((hugs)))

  5. teeheee  fuzzy monster is fuzzy :)


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