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Easy FX makeup for Halloween

These are so cool..
Tinsley FX transfers I recently had the chance to try some of their temporary tattoos (Up coming post) but I thought some of you might be interested in these for Halloween.
 The prices are not at all steep compared to purchasing liquid latex, adhesive, remover etc or a kit for around $25 and up then if you aren't naturally skilled at FX makeup the risk of wasting time and money.
These are video's showing a couple of those available and how to apply.
I'm going to have to order some and see what the neighbors think of me with horns and a slashed throat.
Hope this helps some of you with your All Hallows Eve fun!


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  5. Oh! that transfer sure does impress me. While I don't think I will ever wear one of those, not even for Halloween! But I might fall for some "make up look" for the holiday, will you post one soon?

    Ah, and if you don't mind, I'll leave a link to my new blog, I really started this yesterday, so is aaaall fresh-painted! haha

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