All the Beautiful people

I will post..I will try to post...I might post...I need more hours in the day

*Waves* I have sat down to post so many times
and it never fails that work or family interrupts and I run out of time. 
So I am glued to my seat and ignoring everything/everyone until I post this quick little post.
(P.S. I am setting up a few scheduled posts so nails coming soon and more whatever I feel like)

So this summer has been busy and insane but I managed to put a bit of
makeup on in between all of the is my quicky look
(Products used will be a mess through out because I like chaos)

Did I mention the pictures today are all crappy cell phone pictures because I had a new picture app that I was playing with. :o)

BB Cream in Etude House Magic Natural beige (way too light) mixed with my Skin miracle transformer in medium tan which is still a little too light but close.

Did I mention I did not do my hair because...well I was lucky to put on makeup and clothes

Don't mine the weird focus/lack of this phone app is cranky and likes to self edit even when you shut self edit off and threaten to take a million pictures of neon glitter.

Woohoo a color accurate eyeball! The ballz are sporting All Evil Shades (big shock)
Padawan as a base, Eerie as hilight below the brow, Frosties Intervention in the inner 1/3 and blended into Yellow snowballs (patted in the center and blended out) and Re gifted Xmas sweater applied very lightly and heavily blended in outer v, Whooo r u mixed with moonlit and brushed at inner corner, Havoc gel liner on upper lash line and Blithe on lower. 

Look it's grumpy getting annoyed with stupid phone app

Do not clip phone on sun visor or you will get strange pictures when you forget to close stupid app. :o)

Oh look my Octopod necklace my oldest daughter got me for my birthday

Visor pictures rule....this is the top of my know you've always wanted to know what the top of my head looked like

when you flip the visor to the side because you still haven't noticed you didn't turn the thing off

How most of the world sees me (5' 1") 

When you realize you left the thing on because you changed CD's and heard it click

Kisses! The days kisses are Deviant Lips- Stormy with Hardcore Lips- Río de Celeste dabbed on with finger

And proof I am capable of a smile
Rest of the makeups:
Matte Silk finishing powder
Mascara- Maybelline volume Express one by one 
Brows- Dark Arts to fill lightly and cheapy clear brow wax pencil from ebay

This is as subtle as my makeup goes anything less is naked. :op


  1. I need that lipcolor in my life. It will not look even 2% as good as it does on you, but I need it just the same

  2. OMG please post more!  You are so totally gorgeous!!! RAWR!!!!

  3. Yes, please, more posting! Luv the peacock hair!!!

  4. Love that lip color! Also, your hair is awesome :)

  5. loving your hair!
    I'm happy to hear news from you

    take care <3

  6. Liz iceomaticsnailsAugust 23, 2012 at 8:23 PM

    Hi!!  I know all about life getting in the way of blogging.  I haven't been around in over a year!  You look AMAZING.   Good to 'see' you again. :)

  7. Hi its me again with the dumb questions i was just wondering if the bits you mentioned were the brand or the item names of certain brands eg. constance carroll no67 mahogany (my fave lippy btw lol). i had to ask as i want to look them up to hopefully buy because im trying to find vibrant colours and the ones in the pics are brilliant. Also could i ask what hair colours you use and how to get them as bright as yours, because i love your hair too xx Thanks again


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