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PBS Idea Channel on nail art

I really enjoyed this video and thought you might find it interesting

What do you think? Is there anything that cannot be art?
As an artist and the daughter of a professional artist, personally I place no limits on art and yet I easily see the line between craft and art. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this video. It's quite interesting. I don't like what I see being called art these days and I don't think all nail art is art, but there surely is some art in nail art. That commercial for car done on nails, for instance.

  2. Super interesting, thanks for posting!  Agree w/ Vendrana re: art vs. design, but it's so much fun to dive in and look at pretty nails online when you're feeling "blah".  It still kinda floors me that the goofy stuff I do gets printed in a Style section ("me? that?! it's style?")

  3. The Stache nails are mine :D


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