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Zoya Sunshine & Summertime - Tanzy

I had a wild need for orange nails so what other choice did I have...
Tanzy is an orange gold metallic duotone
3 coats to my opaque happy place
I added a little pink and gold leopard spot decal by request of my youngest
I love the application on these, it's closer to a glass fleck in application so very easy to work with
Yes I filed my nails a's summer and I'm busy so this is an easy length
Zoya has really got me hooked on their bright fun metallics
Orange is not the best color on me but it's fun so who cares!


  1. Tanzy is a such a lovely colour!!

  2. Beautiful! I know the feeling. I had a sudden uncontrollable urge for orange nails the other day too. Had to buy one since I didn't own any orange polishes (I am Nicole Kidman pale). Might have something to do with the cold winter over here right now.

  3. I grabbed this baby up too, so pretty! Your nails are in. sane. woman! I'd never be able to get mine to this length, I'd be ripping them off left and right. Oops, where did that door come from?  Oops, there's a dog there. Oops, the wind is blowing too hard. I'd have scary, bleeding stumps, I'm sure. Have I gotten carried away? It's my envy talking. <3

  4.  I always find myself admiring your nail posts, you do lovely designs!

  5. I ordered the whole collection.  That was during the buy 6 get 6 free polishes.  I took quick advantage of that and more! As soon as I received the package I fell in love with Tanzy.  I never wear orange shades.  This was too pretty not to immediately put on.  Love the jeweled accent nail.  Wear the polish if it makes you happy.  Who care if it's not the perfect shade for your skin. 


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