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OPI Shattered my Holo!

What do you do when you can't decide? I do both!
OPI DS Original with OPI Navy Shatter tips
We had no sun but look how DS Original still rainbows it up in a light box
This is 3 coats of DS Original (It's sheer but worth the little extra)
and 1 coat of Navy Shatter with Seche Vite top coat
OPI you can shatter my holo any day!
I love the holo peeking through the navy blue cracks
Go ahead....drool, I did!
P.S. a little bonus to these Shatters...if you get stuck in a crazy hectic week, no one can tell that you might have a few little chips on your tips! lol

*some products in this post were set by the company/pr for my honest review


  1. I love this look. I often tape sections of nail off and THEN do shatter-effects. Much cooler than an all-over shatter imho.

  2. *is jealous of your DS Original* This is a really cool look. I like the shatter tips better than having shatter all over the mani, because I still like to have the holo effect in its full glory.

  3. I loved the many! The P.S. was actually very amusing! ^__^

  4. jaljen- I'm too lazy to tape anything off so I just freehand it and hope for the best! lol

    Deb- I agree, I like seeing the full holo with a little shatter for fun.

    Akuma Kanji- Thank you! The P.S. was my extremely busy week. lol

  5. Badass! It looks like you got bored in class and decided to decorate your nails with a pen. In a totally good way of course ;]

  6. Wow love the combo, looks amazing!!!!!!! :)

  7. OH WOW, I'm droolin'! This looks just fantastic. I am so jealous of your nails!

  8. I like this manicure. You do a fantastic shattered French! Your P.S. makes a lot of sense.

  9. OH WOW, I'm droolin'! This looks just fantastic. I am so jealous of your nails!


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