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My current Skincare funzies

I am asked occasionally about my skincare routine so I thought I'd share.
I'm pretty simple as far as skincare since I don't have any major
skin issues. I am starting to get a few fine lines and in winter my skin completely changes but this is my current run down.
I wash my face every evening using:
Biocollasis Gentle Cleanser by Elizabeth Grant
It's a nice gentle non drying clenser. I love that it does not leave my skin dry but not oily, just nice and clean.
Also it takes a very small amount so this bottle will last. It costs $15.00 and I will be buying another bottle when I run out.
I've been using these products for almost 2 months and love them.

Next I use the Biocollasis Pore Refining Lotion
It's like a very gentle toner. Soothing and adds a touch of moisture. For me this is perfect in summer when I don't really need a face creme but just a little something. It doesn't have a fragrance which is face doesn't want to wear perfume! This I believe is $12.00

This I use twice a day, Morning and night!
The Socializer is my new best girlfriend!
Normally I forget to put on an eye creme (maybe that's where those fine lines crept in)
This is so perfect for people like me!

This cute tube contains a Night and Day Eye treatment

The night is slightly heavier and has really helped with the little lines trying to run amuck on my eyes.
The day is lighter and has an illuminating effect to lighten the look of dark circles.

I keep these on my desk in their adorable tube so I do not forget.
The pen size applicators make it nice to throw in your bag or for travel as well.

I love the brush applicators.
Just a couple of clicks (like working an ink pen) and brush it around your eyes and done!
For me this is the perfect solution. I love the light non greasy formula and the illuminator doesn't make it look like I smeared zinc under my eyes but it does give a little bit of help for those up all night eyes.
This one is $40.00 but for me it's so worth it. I've spent more than than on the jars of eye goo that ended up in the waste basket because I never remembered to use them or felt like my eyes had been greased!
These can be purchased here  Now I'm not one to gush over a skincare line but I will gush insanely for Elizabeth Grant. I love everything I've used so far and I honestly reccomend these products whole heartedly. They aren't going to make you look 30 years younger, 6 inches taller or 3 dress sizes smaller but they do a great job of offering great skin products that do what they should.


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