All the Beautiful people

Welcome to my world of twisted, strange, and out there beauty!

This blog is for you, all of you, punk, goth, emo, rockabilly, strange, weird, eclectic or just plain over the top Women, girls, guy's or whom ever you might be or aspire to be.

Beauty is not what is held within the pages of a magazine or on the movie screen! Beauty has many shades of blood red, black, neon green and I for one adore the more interesting side of beauty.

So here you will find tips, tricks, how to's and such on the darker side of the world of beauty!

If you are looking for sweet lipstick, the latest and greatest of neutral eye shadows or how to become an everyday beauty, well lovey, you've stumbled into a widows web.

Now if your idea of stunning is a gleaming black lip gloss, paired with fuchsia hair, fishnets, corsets, leather, polk a dots, platforms, studded peep toes, red eye shadow and black finger tips....Then come right in and make yourself at home my lovelies you have found your way through the looking glass!

~Evil Angel

Please feel free to make requests, suggestions or throw out ideas!


  1. I love all makeup. I knew what type of makeup you would be doing. I just love looking at it all. I can't wait to see what looks you'll be doing.

  2. If you ever have any look that you want to see, please feel free to make a suggestion! I just love playing with makeup and nail polish!


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