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Hot color hair: Shocker color

I thought I would offer a bit of incite and or assistance on Shock color or "Hot" color. So you are tired of your natural, everyone has it hair color, and you want something totally different or maybe just a little bit stand out. I do not judge. Whether you want to go Hot pink with Electric blue streaks, Jet black or just add a few pieces of flame red, it's all possible.

First things first, choose a color and be sure it is what you want. It's easy to get there but harder to come back.

If you are going for darker then you are one of the lucky ones as this is as easy as choosing a color, enlisting a friend and going for it.
If you are going lighter or from dark to a "Hot" color then the mysterious bleach could be involved.
Tips on bleach: If you are bleaching to add in a hot color then you can use any bleach as the gold undertones will be covered by your color. If you are bleaching to get pale blond, platinum etc. If you must do it yourself use a blue based bleach to help tone down the gold and I would have a toner on hand just in case you still come up gold. Never use a higher developer than is recommended on the package, never mix color or bleach in metal bowls, never exceed the recommended time and ALWAYS do a test strand!!! Just because it did well the last time does not mean it will this time.

Tips on Hot colors: Semi permanent color's like Manic Panic are awesome and do not damage the hair.
To get color to stay longer and more vivid, I leave it in for at least 2 hours with a plastic processing cap over my hair.
Rinse thoroughly and then gently shampoo. You can also add a little of the color to your regular conditioner to help slow the fading.
If it comes out too bright, use a clarifying shampoo a couple of times to fade it a bit.

General tips on coloring hair:
Use a chap stick on all skin around your hair line,yep chap stick, put a thin layer over ears, back of the neck anywhere that you might get color. This makes it much easier to remove.
An astringent like sea breeze works well to get color of skin if you do miss a spot.

The most important thing to remember is: do not over process your hair! All of the pretty colors in the world won't bring back healthy hair!


  1. I would love to have pink hair. A nice deep pink or maybe purple. I'm really silver in the front. My back is mixed with silver and dark brown. Would I need to use bleach on my hair? You can see my hair under the followers pictures. I don't know if I'd do it but I'd like some ideas if uou don't mind.

  2. You would need to pre bleach if you want a vivid color, but If you just want to add a deep pink to it you could do so without bleaching. A deep pink I would mix 2 Tbls. of Manic panic Black to Manic panic Hot hot pink.
    I love fun colored hair!


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