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The way of my weirdness

Just a quick little post I wanted to share with you all before I get back to another 10 hours 
of catching up on work. (I would complain but I love what I do so I don't mind)

My Best friend sent me the link to this because he thought of me while watching...
I absolutely love that this made him think of me. That tells me that I am still following my own path.

If you read my blog regularly (Ok as regularly as I post lately) you know
that I describe myself with words like: weird, strange, odd, crazy, freak etc.
Well those are terms I use with pride not insult. A word can only be an insult if YOU accept it as such. I AM weird, strange, odd, hyper, crazy, nuts, silly, goofy, a complete freak and I am so proud to be just who I am. I am not 'socially acceptable' or 'normal' and I am aware of it, I get stares, glares, side eyes, remarks, snarks. I know that some people try to explain/excuse my appearance/behavior/style as a mid-life crisis, reliving my childhood, looking for attention, or plenty of other mental/emotional issues at the source of the problem. I do not attempt to explain or express my reasons or perspective to those who judge me.

I am who I am because I was raised to question, never accept anything just because
'they' say it is so. I have ALWAYS walked to the beat of my own drummer, I have never been 'normal', I have NOT changed because I don't need to, I am ME...100%, I break rules because the rule is wrong, I go against the norm because the norm is insane/twisted/backward. I am me, I look how I look, act how I act, wear what I wear because this is what feel suits me, my view and I don't have to follow their rules or see things their way. I walk my path and I don't expect anyone to agree only to allow....everyone to walk their path because no one will carry you so you damn well better enjoy the scenery on the way!

OK enough babbling....The amazaballz video...

To my bestie, thank you for sharing and more so for not ever minding my offbeat ways...Love you forever just as you are! A thousand tiny kisses!


  1. Thanks for sharing this video (and your comments, of course)

  2. I love your mind. That is all.

  3. Chrissy NailUtopiaApril 14, 2012 at 4:56 PM

    Thank you for being you and not changing for anyone or anything! And thank you for sharing this video! :D

  4. I can relate to your views so much! I always say with pride that I a weird and not normal, it's what makes me awesome! I just wished my mum felt the same way, will you be my mum? haha!=P

  5. Sure, I have 4 weird kids already and a weird Son in law so I'm always glad to add another! :o)

  6. Thank you for accepting me as I am! <3

  7. My mind loves you Lynn!

  8. Thanks for watching it. I keep watching it. lol

  9. What is normal anyway! I love that you are you & that I can be me. I figure if anyone has an issue with my looks or behavior...who has the issue? Not me! So I don't need to make it my issue. The world needs tie dyed sheep so we don't all look & act the same cuz 'normality' is so-o-o boring. Please keep being you!

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