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I'm sorry my post is so late!
It's been very busy around here as of late. Lots of orders to fill and my little hands can only go so fast.
And now back to our regularly scheduled program....

I'm enjoying glitter while I have my wee lil' nubbins
This is 2 coats of Icing's Hot Pants (The only Icing polish I own since I do not live near an Icing)
And one funcy (fun + fancy, please add this word to your EvilAngel dictionary) coat of an un named blue multi glitter love from Born Pretty Store.
It makes me think of a cold rain in the evening
3 sizes of hex glitter in clear base.
This applies so easily and no need to fish the large glitters out, they jump right onto the brush.
I love this combo for all the right reasons!
Now I must catch a few minutes sleep before I start it all again! *smooches*


  1. That glitter is so rad. :3

  2. yay glitter! that icing looks like a dead on dupe for zoya jo!

  3. ah, sorry. the guest was me :)

  4. The actual bottle of the glitter makes me think of space, with all the sparkly layers and different glitter sizes.  That is gorgeous.

    Is the base coat of the glitter clear, or does it add a blue tint to your polish?

  5. Nice combo,I love it :-D

  6. Oh my, this completely reminds me of a bubble bath or something bubbly!!  I love it.

  7. So gorgeous. I love the darker glitter over the lighter polish.

  8. <span>That is one funcy manicure! Love it.  Your nails look wonderful.  Must be feeling weird having them so short.  They look fantastic no matter what length they are.  Smooches right back at ya!</span>

  9. I love this! 

  10. omg i love this its so pretty :)

  11. Hexagon glitter = automatic win


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