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Reckless Blogging

Recently I have been the target of an irresponsible blogger whom posted a malicious post on her blog making unfounded accusations against myself and my business.
I am not going to glorify her with a retort on my blog. I am however going to ask my fellow bloggers to please be responsible in your posting. Do not point fingers or make accusations against anyone without first doing your research, getting the full story and not just your biased opinion. Our readers take what we post as fact so be sure that it is just that. If you allow comments, don’t just post those that support your opinion allow people the opportunity to see a full view.
We have a responsibility to ourselves, our readers and those we might post about, to be unbiased.
To intentionally cause harm to another is childish, sad, irresponsible and can lead to legal action. So let’s all be adults and use our blogs for their intended purpose and not for slandering and general nastiness.
My apologies to my readers for wasting your time on this issue. It is however something I feel is important for you to be aware of as readers. Take what you read with a grain of salt.


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